OMG News Fitness Expert Answers Your Fitness Questions About HIIT

Epic HIIT Workouts Will Transform Your Body

OMG News Fitness Expert Answers Your Fitness Questions About HIIT

HIIT programs will make every visit to the gym epic.

There are many types of workouts, and they can all be exciting, fun and effective. However, there is one that stands out because of its flexibility. High-intensity interval training combines both aerobic and anaerobic systems to make an extremely effective metabolic boost. Launch into High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and see sensational changed in your fitness.


– What is HIIT?

High-intensity interval training is a type of workout that forces the metabolism to utilize energy in a way that relies on both fat and sugar for immediate and sustained energy.

The aerobic system will take up oxygen along with sugar for energy. After a certain amount of time, fat molecules will be recruited as well for energy.

The anaerobic system utilizes readily available and stored sugar for energy.

When combining the two systems, HIIT forces the metabolism to work extra hard during exercise to gather energy. The real benefits come when your workout is over.

Because the body worked so hard during your physical work, it will take time for the recovery phase. Meanwhile, this means your metabolism will be at work while you are at rest. Therefore, HIIT isn’t just about your workout; it’s about rehauling your entire metabolism.


– What makes HIIT a flexible workout option?

HIIT can be done at the gym, running track, walking trail, home or sidewalk.

A simple HIIT program will consist of walking and running intervals. For some that could be walking and speed walking. The intervals just have to incorporate a high-intensity stage.

High intensity could be compared to sprinting.

Whatever exercise you choose, it must be done as fast as possible or with more resistance.

Keep in mind the combinations are endless. Another possible program could include weight training intervals or plyometric intervals.  Swimming in intervals, cross country skiing, biking and any other type of exercise of your choice can all be done in intervals.



– How do I do HIIT?

Start with a four-minute warm up.

Begin slowly and work up to moderate intensity. After four minutes, increase speed and output for one minute. That means pushing yourself to work as hard as you possibly can for that full minute. Then exercise moderately for one minute. Alternate intense and moderate every minute for at least a full twelve minutes. Follow the alternating phase with a four minute cool down.

That will give you a total of twenty full minutes. That is the minimum requirement for every workout. As you gain strength and endurance, you can add time or switch the intervals by making the intense phase last for longer and the moderate phase less time.

The wonderful thing about HIIT is you can do it anywhere with anything.

On a personal note, I prefer workouts at the gym, but I don’t limit myself. The true motivation behind HIIT is raising the heart rate with each interval. When executed properly, an intense interval followed by a moderate one will enable continued recruitment of both fat and sugar for energy. In plain English, that means burning lots of calories during and after exercise.

Workouts can get boring over time.

It’s very important to keep things interesting. Muscles have memory, but they also like to be challenged. Change the recruitment pattern and surprise your muscles every time you HIIT it. The surprises keep your muscles working hard every workout.


For more information on HIIT or other exercise questions, please write in the comments. We will be happy to answer.


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