OMG! Newcastle Pedophile Barbarians Finally Stopped? (Video)

OMG! Newcastle Pedophile Barbarians Finally Stopped!

News broke on the 9th of August revealing that Northumbria police had exposed and busted a gang of child rapist barbarians in Newcastle which invoked local people to call for these barbarians to be stopped.


Merely a week ago, the media finally revealed the arrests of a Newcastle pedophile ring containing 17 men, and one woman. The courts essentially gagged the media until they had succeeded in laying out the guilty verdicts. This court’s gagging of information inevitably led to public speculation about why such an explosive news story should ultimately receive only mild attention.

This Newcastle child sexual exploitation ring is another addition to a long list of pedophile gangs that have been working around the United Kingdom. It seems that almost every year authorities bust another ring. And it is no coincidence that police arrest the same type of men, from almost identical cultural backgrounds. There appears to be a common theme. A theme that many are reluctant to make a note of.


Tip of a frightening iceberg

The first pedophile ring authorities busted was in Rotherham and Derby, in 2010. It would then be two years until police exposed another group of men in Rochdale. A year later Bristol, another year later Aylesbury and Peterborough. Just a year ago, authorities convicted a gang in Bradford. And this year, Newcastle. Obviously, many people fear this is merely the tip of a frightening iceberg.

The unfolding nightmare in cities around the UK, since 2010, all follow an identical pattern. Predatory men lure and groom young, vulnerable, teenage girls, many as young as 13. Most of these girls live in care homes, many others live in impoverished council estates. Naïve, pedophiles view them as easy pickings. The perverts offer them drugs and alcohol in exchange for sex. More often, horrifically, these criminals drug the girls in order to gang-rape them.

A 13-year-old victim, who remains anonymous for legal reasons, reported to the court that men violated her like a “relay race.” Another 16-year-old victim reported how she woke delirious, with her legs splayed, and noticed one of the criminals had slid the wardrobe across the door to block it. Her predator brazenly admitted that he had raped her. These girls represent countless others, who are lonely and neglected to begin with. These men pretend to love them, or they create and feed drug addictions. The girls develop an inane fear of speaking out that makes it difficult for authorities to rescue them.


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Controversial police tactics

To complicate the operation, Northumbria Police engaged in controversial tactics to unravel the ring and rescue the victims. Additionally, the courts allegedly wished to avoid accusations of prejudice while they processed each and every criminal. Indeed, the members of the criminal ring were predominantly of Asian or Middle Eastern descent. This was the identical case for all of the other rings that police busted since 2010. Furthermore, groups such as the NSPCC expressed outraged when they learned that authorities paid a convicted child rapist almost £10,000 to act as an informant. The information he gleaned did indeed bust the ring. However, these vulnerable girls were subject to the risk of his tendencies.

In fact, globally, police tactics employed to expose sexual exploitation and pedophilia are notoriously ethically gray these days. During the recent FBI bust of the pedophile website Playpen, which ran rampant on the dark web for many years, the intelligence agency utilized tactics that caused many humanitarian groups to express outrage.


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