OMG! Naked Sex-Addict Women Loose On the Streets!

OMG! Naked Sex-Addict Women Loose On the Streets!
OMG! Naked Sex-Addict Women Loose On the Streets!

Naked sex-addict women are taking to the streets, and some are nearly getting themselves killed!


Around the world, startled citizens are reporting sex-addict women they have videotaped walking naked on the streets of their cities. And the naked romps many are partaking in are nearly getting them killed! Naked women are taking to the streets around the world seemingly bored of wearing clothes. In just the past week alone, people have recorded naked women that they have spotted in the streets in Germany, Italy, and Brazil.


Orgy breaks bones in public

And to make matters worse, a naked public romp almost killed two women in the midst of a threesome. One man and two women in Bad Breisig Germany had an orgy gone wrong on a balcony overlooking the town. According to the man, a quarrel broke out over the sex positions they had chosen. One of the women had decided to lean up against the balcony, and as she reached orgasm, she flew over the balcony and landed on the public street below. The lady sex-addict lay naked and immobile in front of passersby as she had broken bones in her legs and feet.

The other nude female sex partner rushed down the stairs to see if she was okay. However, she slipped and broke bones in her neck and arm. Members of the public who witnessed the scene called paramedics who transferred the naked sex-addicts to the hospital for treatment.


Clothing optional

Over in Italy, another woman decided that clothing was optional as she took to the high streets completely naked. In the famous tourist spot of Porta Mascarella Bologna, a naked woman decided to go shopping, much to the shock of passersby. Sporting just her shoes, handbag, and some earphones, she told concerned fellow citizens that she merely didn’t feel like wearing clothes that day.

Netizens took to social media and uploaded videos and pictures of the woman, speculating as to why she had decided to forgo clothing in public. Most felt skeptical that she must be part of some kind of promotion or stunt. Others wondered if she was mentally deficient. Some witnesses assumed the naked woman was attention seeking. Nevertheless, many innocent people received a sordid eyeful they had not expected that day!

Is a skirt to be worn on the head?

Meanwhile, in Brazil, motorists felt shocked when they witnessed a naked woman in high heels sauntering provocatively down a busy motorway. What was particularly bizarre, was that the nude lady had placed her skirt on her head. She held the rest of her clothes in one arm, and appeared to be swigging from a bottle with her other hand.

Eventually, concerned drivers eventually called the emergency services who collected the woman for questioning. Ultimately, authorities released her without pressing charges. However, her notoriety remains splashed throughout social media.