OMG! Mysterious Island Appears in Bermuda Triangle Territory

OMG! Mysterious Island Appears in Bermuda Triangle Territory
OMG! Mysterious Island Appears in Bermuda Triangle Territory

A mysterious island has appeared, almost overnight, within the notorious territory of the Bermuda triangle.


Strange phenomena occurring in the region of the Bermuda Triangle always seems concerning, especially when that phenomenon is the sudden appearance of a mysterious island. What was merely small patches of sandbank back in April this year, is now a mile-long island at least three football fields in width.

And Cape Hatteras National Seashore and emergency authorities are warning that this island is wrought with deadly dangers. These officials are deeply concerned that people will die when attempting to get to the island. Essentially, the island is a giant sand bar. This sand bar emerged from the ocean as a result of undersea currents and storms. The Gulf Stream, which is like an underwater river, rushes along the Bermuda Triangle in the North Atlantic. This Gulf Stream has pushed this island up from under the sea.

Disturbingly, as rapidly as this island has appeared, it could also disappear just as quickly. Many curious tourists have already made efforts to swim across to the island from Cape Point in Buxton. And unfortunately, authorities have already had to make several rescues. Not only have 5-foot-long sharks, and stingrays been spotted in the vicinity, the rips and currents are deadly. Authorities are pleading with curious visitors to use paddle boards or inflatable boats to access the island. Swimming to the island is deadly.


Shelly Island

Nevertheless, tourists and locals are letting their curiosity get the better of them. They are not letting anything stop them from making the small jaunt out to the sandbank that they have named “Shelly Island.”  The island has received its names from the discovery of a plethora of large and unblemished shells that have surfaced along its shores.

Those who come to the Outer Banks for fishing are hoping that, rather than disappear, the island expands to connect to the tip of the cape. Since the appearance of the island, fishing aficionados have moved further along to make way for the curious tourists. If Shelly Island connects to the Cape, it means their fishing grounds will expand exponentially.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists are adding this mysterious island appearance the list of the paranormal phenomenon occurring in this so-called Devil’s Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has been notorious throughout history for being the location of unexplained ship and aircraft disappearances. Only time will tell if there is any connection to the supposed paranormal activity in the triangle, and the appearance of this mysterious island.