OMG! You May Be A Victim of the De Beer’s Diamond Con!

Men and Women have been tricked out of thousands of dollars by the De Beers Diamond con!

You May Be A Victim of the De Beer's Diamond Con
You May Be A Victim of the De Beer's Diamond Con

Frighteningly, it is not even a secret that De Beers has conned everyday honest working people out of thousands of dollars for practically worthless diamond jewelry.


One of the worst-kept secrets of the past century is the De Beers diamond marketing scam. After discovering enough diamonds to deem the gemstone as virtually worthless, the profiteering De Beers company set about finding a way to con the public out of their hard-earned salaries to purchase diamonds that are actually worth up to 200% less.

South African mining corporation De Beers monopolized a diamond cartel for over a century, till finally exposed in around 2000. In fact, the cartel fixed diamond prices around the world. Outrageously, anyone who dared to speak out would risk strategic “punishment.”




Sinister marketing strategies convinced young men that they would never find a wife and family if they did not present their bride-to-be specifically with a diamond engagement ring.


The pricing of these rings was criminal, and a pure invention. Horrifyingly, this invented pricing exists today. Consequently, it is highly likely that crafty diamond sellers have scammed you out of thousands of dollars for a worthless gem.

Human beings are simple creatures. Unfortunately, people feel easily swayed by emotion to part with vast sums of money for worthless material items. Marketing strategies would play on average people’s aspirations to be like royalty or celebrities. De Beers sinisterly used even Queen Elizabeth, amongst other famous starlets, to promote their worthless products.

Insanely, this practice still occurs to this day. Recently, Paris Hilton’s husband-to-be presented her with an enormous diamond engagement ring. Conveniently, the happy couple was surrounded by eager paparazzi snapping hundreds of picture. In turn, this paparazzi then give free advertising to perpetuate the diamond scam in mainstream media. On any red carpet, you will see such celebrities permitting themselves to be De Beers mannequins, to further their careers in return.


Shockingly, it is not like there is a shortage of whistleblowers warning consumers of the truth.

Indeed, some diamonds are rare. Diamond marketers conspiratorially select the diamonds adorning royalty and celebrities to create a sense of envy in the public. Consequently, diamond sellers can then pass off worthless stones as status symbols to the unsuspecting masses. Shockingly, encouraging them to part with insanely inflated prices in the process.



For a diamond to have any worth in the current market, experts must certify it as “exceptional.” Such “exceptional” gems will range in price in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. Naturally, such genuinely precious diamonds are out of reach of the general public. In fact, experts estimate that it is not worth investing in diamonds unless they are above 20 carats. Or alternatively, if the diamond has a famous history.

Clearly, diamonds are not a girl’s best friend, as they will leave her, and her fiance, detrimentally out of pocket. And to top it off, they are also not even forever! The “Diamonds are Forever” slogan is also just a marketing scam. There are indeed ways to scratch, damage, and even destroy diamonds. De Beers lied through their teeth to convince the general public to take their excess diamonds off their hands for an obscene profit.

Don’t fall for the scam!


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