OMG! Man Cured While Playing Guitar With Brain Exposed (Video)

OMG! Man Cured While Playing Guitar With Brain Exposed (Video)
OMG! Man Cured While Playing Guitar With Brain Exposed (Video)

Man from India undergoes brain surgery while playing his guitar

Brain surgery sounds scary, right? For Thirty-seven year old Abhishek Prasad, opening his brain saved his life. Prasad had worked in IT but quit his job to become a musician. He changed and dedicated his whole life to music, his passion. Certainly, a sudden increase in practice has potential to trigger initial discomfort.

However, after this decision and life change, his fingers began to cramp. First, it started with one finger but quickly affected two others. Prasad’s condition overwhelmed all areas of his life. He went to orthopedic doctors but couldn’t find anyone to help with the stiffness and cramping in his hand. No one could diagnose him.

Finally, Prasad contacted Dr. Srinivasan. Finally, he received the diagnosis of Musical Dystonia.


A neurological condition that only manifests while playing music

The muscles tense forcing involuntary contractions and abnormalities. Often these abnormalities result in the hand curling. Sometimes the fingers will extend outward. All this occurs unwillingly. This disorder could be treated with botox injections. But the root problem to Dystonia remains neurological.

Dr. Srinivasan showed Prasad the brain procedure for sufferers of musical dystonia. The doctor had performed numerous surgeries previously. Most often with very high success rates.

The surgery includes a local anesthetic to numb the area before incision. Once the surgeon has contact with the brain, there is no feeling at all.



The remainder of the brain functions normally during the procedure

Next, with radio frequency ablation using MRI instruments, the brain is mapped. Small searing of nerves causing the impedance takes place. At the same time, the patient must communicate with the doctor as to the effect of each correction.

In Prasad’s case, only after the third burn site did he begin to feel stiffness elevated. It took six ablations before his hand completely relaxed. It’s so important for the patient to be aware and present during a brain surgery. The response is absolute in indicating the progress and success of the medical procedure.

The final step in measuring Prasad’s improvement was playing his beloved guitar. Doctors could see improvement of the circuits as the patient felt and played so much better. He could strum easier and play longer without any effort or discomfort. Real time feedback is evidently essential!


After the four hour surgery, now Prasad has his life back

He feels wonderful and can perform whatever and wherever he can. His family is also greatly relieved to have the happy husband and father back.

The surgery took place in India and was the first ever. Meanwhile, this type of treatment is not new. While more than ten million people suffer from tremors caused by neurological dysfunction, this surgery can provide relief.

With full recovery to his hand, Abhishek Prasad will release a new album this year. Playing his guitar after a struggle like his, brings a new appreciation. Prasad confesses, it’s completely magical. It’s heaven playing a beloved instrument without pain.