OMG! Majestic 12 Conspiracy Deeper than UFOs!

This Majestic 12 conspiracy theory is likely deeper and more sinister even than UFOs and aliens!

OMG! Majestic 12 Conspiracy Deeper than UFOs!
OMG! Majestic 12 Conspiracy Deeper than UFOs!

Many conspiracy theorists have claimed that the leaking of the Majestic 12 documents prove that UFOs and aliens exist, and walk among us, however others think the conspiracy goes deeper.


When skeptics claim otherwise, conspiracy theorists only feel more convinced that this is deeper proof of a Majestic 12 government cover up. When the FBI announced the material as bogus, naturally, ufologists expressed a lack of surprise and continued to feel suspicious.


What was the Majestic 12?

In 1984, UFO writers and researchers, Jaime Shandera and Bill Moore believed that they had come into possession of some highly sensitive government documents. After developing a 35 mm film, that an anonymous person, or people, had sent them, they realized they had received some history altering papers.

These mysterious documents claimed that President Truman had pulled together a twelve-man committee to discuss an alleged UFO incident in Roswell in 1947. Included in the documents was a memo from the Director of the CIA addressed to President Eisenhower, dated 1957. The papers included the names of twelve high powered individuals in the military, government and scientific community.

Initially, Shandera and Moore remained hush-hush about what they had received. However gradually, they leaked hints and trusted copies of the papers to various other ufologists. Still, they made no official announcement. Eventually, British UFO author Timothy Good published the documents in a book. Finally, Moore decided to come clean and go public at a 1987 UFO conference.


Conspiracy theorists vs. Skeptics

From here on in, the mainstream media got a hold of the information, and the public began its ongoing obsession with Roswell and government cover-ups of alien visitations. Suddenly, the world broke into two groups. The skeptics and the conspiracy theorists. Until this day, there seems to be no final resolution between them.


YOUTUBE (Alltime Conspiracies):


Website is devoted to exploring unexplained mysteries, strange phenomena, and other bizarre anomalies. On the subject of Majestic 12, they ask many questions and remain undecided about the truth. The possibility that the documents were authentic seems real to them. Indeed, they claim that experts verified the twelve signatures on the papers as genuine. Nevertheless, does not disclose who these experts are.


Skeptics believe they can easily debunk the Majestic 12

Skeptics, on the other hand, believe they can prove outright that the documents are fraudulent. In fact, they bring simple proofs to debunk ufologist claims that the Majestic 12 documents are legitimate. One such skeptic, Philip J. Klass wrote a special report on the subject in 2000, in the Skeptical Inquirer.

According to Klass, there even prominent ufologists who denounce the documents.




OMG! Majestic 12 Conspiracy Deeper than UFOs!


He says this in itself is proof of the pitiful attempt that the creators of the documents made when inventing Majestic 12. Amongst many peculiarities that refute the authenticity of the documents is the way, the date style is not in the standard military format you would expect with government documents. In fact, private documents of Moores contain the same style of date sequence.


Evidence of fraud

Other anomalies included the type of ink, the font used and letter spacing was not typical of the 1950s. The first typewriter to utilize such a format was the IBM72 which was available on the market only after 1961. For this reason, skeptics argue, the documents simply could not have existed when they were purported to have been created.

Of course, conspiracy theorists could still counter argue many claims of the skeptics. In theory, the government could have had access to such technology as the IBM72 for a long time before the public. Indeed, the government and military utilizes many technologies before they reach the market place. Still, this does seem far fetched.

Brian Dunning is another skeptic that brings a third theory; a theory that suggests an alternative government conspiracy that could be deeper and more sinister than anything such as UFOs and aliens. Dunning then mentioned a point that Klass had originally been brought up. The idea that Majestic 12 is a disinformation campaign.


YOTUBE (Open Minds Production):



Disinformation campaign

Governments throughout history have often used disinformation campaigns to distract the public from real problems confronting a nation. One example was a disinformation campaign the British ran during World War Two. In order for the British to hide the existence of their airborne radar system, propaganda was spread that claimed that eating carrots had improved the pilot’s night vision. Similar disinformation campaigns also ran in other countries.

Dunning explains that during the cold war, the government was likely concerned that sensitive information about capabilities of the US Air force could be exposed by ufologists who were sniffing around their sites, seeking evidence of aliens. Indeed, Area 51 contained many classified aircraft such as stealth fighters and spy planes. According to Dunning, the government needed to throw the ufologists a bone to get them to remain off track in their amateur and illegal investigations of the Roswell site.

In other words, did the government devise Majestic 12 to protect their deeper sensitive military secrets from reckless individuals inadverently leaking them to the Soviets? We may never know for sure. The usefulness of Majestic 12 to throw ufologist off the scent is still beneficial. Who knows what else the government is hiding. The question remains: Are the government using tasty fake conspiracy theories to throw the unsuspecting public on a wild goose chase?




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