OMG! LSD Kills People in CIA Experiment

CIA experiment administers LSD

OMG! LSD Kills People in CIA Experiment
OMG! LSD Kills People in CIA Experiment

LSD is an experimental drug

Best known as the Pont-Saint-Esprit poisoning, in 1951 a group of French citizens suffered severe trauma from what at the time was assumed to be bad bread. People had horrible hallucinations. Many were carted away in straight jackets to mental institutions and some even died. It was a terrible scene that no one would want to experiment with. An investigation followed the attack but it wasn’t thorough nor was it even close to factual.

It is unclear as to the exact nature of the incident, but there are a few possible explanations. The first is bread from a local bakery hosted a fungus. Another was the possibility of mercury poisoning. The last is suspicion the bread was somehow laced with LSD. Nevertheless, the resulting psychedelic experiences reported in the Pont Saint Esprit incident was unlike the usual LSD trip.

Some people reported feeling like their heads were on fire and snakes were crawling all over their bodies. Another man jumped out of a second story window thinking he was an air plane; another man thought his heart was coming out of his body through his legs and feet. Chaos ensued in the town in Southern France, but no one knows what happened.


A rumor spread that the CIA was responsible for testing drugs on the crowd

Journalist, Hank Albarelli reveals the reason for this suspicion. He insists there is a secret CIA document. On the file’s label is written: “Pont-Saint-Esprit, F. Olson, Intel files, Hand carry to Belin, tell him to see to it that these are buried.”

He continues to explain that F Olson was a scientist who worked for the CIA at the time of the incident. He led to research about LSD and its effects. At the same time and executive director of the Rockefeller, the commission was in charge of investigating abuses the CIA was responsible for worldwide.

Deeply buried Pont-Saint-Esprit Intel files

Mr. Albarelli believes the Intel files would reveal a CIA drug experiment on the townspeople. Deeper investigation shows researchers at the Rockefeller Institute isolated the LSD compound in the 1930s. Moreover, the Rockefeller Institute is the most prestigious institution for biological and medical science. It produces the most esteemed doctor and post-doctorate education available.

However, the very wealthy Rockefeller Family owns and keeps the Rockefeller Institute. This family is well connected with the Bank of England and the Vatican. Obviously, the agenda at the time and currently is to produce drugs that will control people thus continuing the status quo for those who control money and power in the world.




It’s very easy to connect these dots

The CIA was placed strategically, at the right time so that they receive the majority of the blame. However, the Grand secret service, controlled by the Vatican was really behind the entire scheme. Creating drugs, administering drugs, prescribing drugs, experimenting with drugs is all a way to exercise more control. More power to create expanding income for drug companies is run by, yes, you guessed it, the Rockefellers, the Bank of England and the Vatican.

Unfortunately, over and over again we see casualties from experiments gone bad. The powers that be do not have the compassion before administering an experimental drug. Death, mental breakdowns or any malaise is of no consequence to them.

Despite the chaos, the effects have haunted the individuals who were present in France until this day. It continues to disturb people who live there.

The exact nature of the poisoning at Pont-Saint-Esprit remains a mystery. Meanwhile, clear facts connecting this incident, with the source of big pharma, and the most well connected and wealthy families and organizations in the world.


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