Omg! Your Adorable Pets Could Make You Fatally Ill!

Omg! Your Adorable Pets Could Make You Fatally Ill!

Your Loving Pet Could Make You Fatally Ill
Your Loving Pet Could Make You Fatally Ill

Pets are our best friends. We love them as a part of our family

It can be easy to forget that our pets aren’t human, and their enormously different biology can pass on illnesses to us. Furthermore, these diseases may not even produce symptoms in our pets.

We may only find out about them once a human loved one is experiencing life-threatening symptoms. Inform yourself of the risks of pet ownership. Learn the precautions you must take when you invite an animal into your family home. We will now look at what risks pets can have to your health:


Dog Poop Kills Kids!

If you fail to pick up your pet dog’s poop, and it comes into contact with a child, you could become a potential murderer. Contained in the feces of a dog are viruses, bacteria, and parasites, according to the CDC. Frighteningly, these can be deadly to children, or immunocompromised people.

A dog’s feces are fatally toxic. They contain more bacteria than a combination of a horse, a cow and a human’s feces put together. Using Dog feces as fertilizer makes soil toxic, poisoning your garden. Horrifyingly, dog feces are also the 3rd highest factor in contaminated water supplies. In many countries, it is a criminal act not to scoop up your dog’s poop when out on a walk.

Diseases your pet dog can pass to you include:

  • Campylobacter: life-threatening for infants, the elderly, or those with a compromised immune system.
  • Tapeworm
  • Hookworm: Enters through just skin contact. Causes itching.
  • Rabies: Deadly to everyone when symptoms show up. IMMEDIATELY seek medical attention for bites from a dog you do not know. Their vaccination status is unknown.
  • Roundworm: can potentially cause blindness in humans.


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