OMG! Five Revealing Trump’s Videos “You Have Never Seen Before” (Plus Bonus)

Trump's Theme Week Fumbles, Five Revealing Must See Videos That Will Make You Laugh at Trump (Laughter and Tears)

  • Trump-like inflatable chicken pops up outside Whitehouse
  • JFK / Trump: Nuclear War
  • People Want To Love' Him
  • Thanks Russia For Kicking 755 US Diplomats Out
  • Things President Trump has Never Seen Before


Videos released in protest reveal Trump’s incompetency as president.

A succession of videos recently on social media aggravates more contempt against the President of the United States. It is not uncommon for public figures to be on the end of satire and ridicule. Trump is certainly no exception.


1.  ”Don,” the inflatable chicken

Over the course of many months, Taran Singh Brar designed and purchased an inflatable chicken resembling President Trump. After presenting his artful masterpiece in a tax parade, he applied for a permit to erect the blow-up protest on the lawn of the white house. It was immediately put on twitter.

Taran, who has a background in science and strong religious beliefs, albeit Muslim, studied camera angles for many hours in the interest of perfect placement of his plastic chicken on the south lawn adjacent to the white house. Could it be he is playing a joke on the president? Maybe Taran just wants some publicity of his own. Everybody wants to be famous!



2.  JFK / Trump: Nuclear War – Different approaches

President Kennedy’s address about aggressive conduct

When a nation was more conservative and well before any major terrorist displays such as 9/11, President Kennedy addressed the nation. His words were firm but subtle. The world was different then.

Kennedy imposes a message that America is averse to war, therefore will continue to show patience and restraint. However, if the threat of nuclear attack or other such aggressive posture is intuited, the United States will not shrink from any threat.



 3. Trumps  Response to Threats – He’s ‘Honored’ By Some ‘Leaks Where People Want To Love’ Him

While Kennedy’s delivery was reticent and steady, Trump also addresses the threat from other countries. He specifically named Syria and North Korea as imminent threats. The United States of America today receives and continues to recover from major damage caused by terrorist and their acts of violence. Trump responds in a modern world, with firm words.

Leaks from intelligence about national security are addressed and met with appropriate action. His words may sound different, but the message is clear all the same.



4.  Trump thanks Putin For Kicking 755 US Diplomats Out Of The Country

No doubt Putin is angry over the sanctions legislation has slapped on him and his government. This will make things difficult for Russian maneuvers to continue funding nuclear and other weapons to Syria, Iran, and others.

In fact, he is so angry that in retaliation, during a meeting with Trump it was understood that Seven-hundred-fifty-five United States Diplomats including operatives, will be removed from their positions.

Trump responds with a hefty “Thank You” to Putin for helping him make the budget cuts the American government desperately needs. Reducing payroll expenses will exceedingly contribute to government funding that can better utilized elsewhere.




5.  So Many Things President Trump has “Never Seen Before”

A cumulative of many speeches as a mash-up, Trump repeats the words “like you’ve never seen before.” Fire, fury, power, numbers, funds, money, bubbles, airports, and steaks are a few of the things no has seen before.

President Trump will be known as the president who utters these words repeatedly. A little music could make it into a nice rap, don’t you think?




And Our Extra Bonus from

Klemen Slakonja as Vladimir Putin – Putin, Putout /#TheMockingbirdMan/ Путин