Media rumors suggest that wild boy of pop Justin Bieber is homeless after struggling to find a rental in Beverly Hills


Many young fangirls dream of taking Justin Bieber into their homes if rumors turn out to be true that no one in Beverly Hills will rent him a place, leaving him homeless. Bieber’s reputation as a bad boy and his trail of trashed prior abodes is making Beverly Hills residents reluctant to let him live anywhere near them.

The desperate pop star has had to live in hotels for almost a year now. This is despite him offering around $100,000 per month to any landlord who will take him. A monthly rent of $100,000 is way above the average asking price for properties in the exclusive Beverly Hills location. Local residents allegedly abhor Bieber that much. According to Page Six, who first leaked the rumors, residents have “clubbed together” to make sure Bieber stays away.




Indeed, Bieber does have a notorious reputation for bad behavior. So bad in fact, Argentina and China have banned him from entering their countries. Argentinian authorities remain suspicious of Bieber after he allegedly disrespected their flag, and ordered a bodyguard to beat up a photographer. And while China regularly bans celebrities for political reasons, their ban on Bieber is purely related to his history of misbehavior.


Do Beverly Hills residents have legitimate concerns?

It appears from Bieber’s notorious history that Beverly Hills residents indeed do have legitimate concerns. In October 2014, Bieber decided to attack a neighbor’s house with around 20 eggs. During the attack, he continued to threaten and shout obscenities at the occupants. Following the incident, police allegedly charged Bieber and forced him to pay $80,000 in damages. Later that year, Bieber went wild on the streets of Beverly Hills in his Can-Am Spyder. Residents were up in arms when he drove it onto the pavement almost running into a pedestrian.



With his history of drag racing and police records from driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), people clearly don’t want him terrorizing the areas where they wish to live in peace. What makes it worse is that Bieber has acted so brazenly about it. When one neighbor confronted him about his reckless driving, Bieber allegedly spat in his face and threatened to kill him.

Bieber is also notorious for holding loud parties, even while he was still not legally permitted to drink alcohol. On occasion, he has been spotted and photographed smoking weed. Rumors also spread that he was hooked on the deadly street drug Sirrzup. Beverly Hills residents clearly fear that allowing Bieber to move in would be like them permitting an unsupervised child to run loose in the neighborhood.


Nevertheless, website Gossipcop insists that Bieber’s homelessness is all a media myth.

And fans believe that he is growing up and maturing into a more sensible human being. In fact, Beliebers cite how many times he has sung the word sorry during his recent tours. Additionally, in March this year he declared that he would make his 23rd birthday an opportunity to become a “better man.”

Indeed, it appears as though Bieber has been on a health kick, giving up the booze, and instead choosing to hit the gym. Do you think that Bieber has mended his ways? Do you think residants should allow him to rent in Beverly Hills again? Let us know in the comments below.



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