JFK Revealed Alien and UFO Evidence to Former Pilot!

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JFK Revealed Alien and UFO Evidence to Former Pilot
JFK Revealed Alien and UFO Evidence to Former Pilot

A former pilot of John F Kennedy claims he witnessed conclusive evidence that the late President was aware of the existence of aliens and UFOs.

The former pilot was interviewed for the new documentary exposé “Unacknowledged,” where he anonymously revealed intimate conversations with the late President where he hints to the pilot that he has seen evidence of UFOs and aliens.


OMG! JFK Revealed Alien and UFO Evidence to Former Pilot!
OMG! JFK Revealed Alien and UFO Evidence to Former Pilot!


The pilot claims they were discussing a newspaper article. Allegedly, JFK suddenly asked him if he believed in extraterrestrials and alien spacecraft. He claims he took the opportunity to confront the late President. The pilot boldly asked a question as to whether or not aliens are real.  Allegedly, the President refused to deny their existence. Instead, he responded the pilot “well, I asked you first.”

Shockingly, this would just be the beginning of what JFK would reveal.



Revelations abound in the documentary “Unacknowledged

Dr. Steven M Greer is a prominent Ufologist who has managed to gather together numerous high-level witnesses of extraterrestrial activity. The hour and a half documentary alleged such claims that humanity knows how to create alien style technology, and governments are using it in red flag operations to cover up real alien activity.

Greer claims to have conclusive witness evidence from NASA, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DIA, former astronauts and many other government agencies. Nevertheless, the documentary maker’s most shocking revelation is that of JFK’s former pilot’s admission about the late President’s surprising disclosure.


Kennedy assassination tied to extraterrestrial knowledge?

JFK was probably one of the most famous American Presidents of all time. To this day most Americans recall his tenure with deep fondness. Their sadness at his assassination in November 1963 is still palpable to this day. Accordingly, many conspiracy theories surround the reason for his murder.

The anonymous pilot disclosed further parts of the conversation that took part between them. Kennedy continued to tell him that he was correct. He then went on to admit how there is extensive evidence that UFO and ET phenomenon is real, and that it was no real secret.


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These revelations come at a time when suspicions from other areas suggest that JFK’s assassination was directly tied to his demands to know the truth about alleged extraterrestrial activity. Ufologist aroused suspicions when Hilary Clinton vowed to dig up UFO cover-ups high up in the government. She did this while she was running for the Presidency last year.

Ufologist Scott C Waring immediately felt concerned for Clinton. He believed that if she continued to have such aspirations, and the public ended up electing her President, the CIA would also assassinate her. Ultimately this never took place, and she now has no Presidential power to wield.

Waring illustrated his fears when he posted alleged evidence to his website UFO Sightings Daily. His evidence was a copy of a letter that JFK sent to the CIA head. Chillingly, JFK had sent it precisely ten days before Lee Harvey Oswald horrifically shot him in the head in the motorcade.


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Marilyn Monroe knew too much about aliens

Further claims made by Greer suggest that Marilyn Monroe was also assassinated for the knowledge of UFOs and aliens that JFK had disclosed to her during their affair. In the documentary, Greer reveals a top secret memo from the CIA. Shockingly, the CIA dated the memo just a couple of days before authorities discovered Monroe’s body, in August 1962.