OMG! Italian Model Performs Oral Sex Pleasure Tour For Men

On tour Italian Model, pleasures men with oral sex.

OMG! Italian Model Performs Oral Sex Pleasure Tour For Men
OMG! Italian Model Performs Oral Sex Pleasure Tour For Men

Aspiring actress and Italian patriot Paola Saulino promises pleasure to anyone who votes “No.”


Paola Saulino is pumping publicity and any phallus she can get in her mouth. Her promise to pleasure anyone who will agree to vote “no” on an Italian referendum is now on tour, Pompa Tour. Saulino, like many of her countrymen, feels strongly about her constitution, or so she says. A referendum to vote “No” is the cause of all the paparazzi flock.

As a publicity stunt and to incite voting “No” against the referendum, Saulino has promised to give oral sex to anyone. So far only men have volunteered to receive fellatio from Saulino. Does her offer include giving oral sex to women who vote “No” as well?

Saulino is booked in cities all over Italy and is slowly making her way to the United States. Only Italian Americans who were able to vote on the referendum are qualified to receive her services. However, anyone who wishes to sign up for services is encouraged by her to do so. She has every intention of fulfilling her promise and performing blowjobs to anyone fulfilling her requirements.

Nevertheless, she does have a form that must be filled out and approved before she accepts any sex requests. Once approved, an invite number will allow the recipient to schedule a meeting.

The actress has made it clear that she will decide who and when to use prophylactics. She intends to keep up her rigorous schedule until December 2018.


The only interference in her program, are already existing commitments.

At the age of 27, Paula has made quite a career choice. What will follow her after her tour? More modeling or acting maybe? She would be qualified to run a whore house or contribute to the growing business of sex slaves from her country of Italy and wherever. Under her insistence, any information about her meetings must remain in the strictest confidence.




So far she has infamously pleasured more than 700 men in Italy.

Her tour began in Rome where we find the Vatican. Included in her national list of cities are Firenze, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Torino, Napoli, Bari, and Lecce. She ended the tour of Italy in Palermo on January 21, 2017. Paola has complaints of being tired and stressed. Additionally, she admits to having a sore jaw and needs time between each local to recuperate and prepare for another leg of her tour.

However, her intention is to travel the world over. She has accepted invitations by many countries to come and provide sexual favors. Paola is very excited about her travel opportunity. Her favors are intended to earn her more money.

Declaring that she has every intention of licking one million men, as part of her tour, this is a step down from the original vow of performing on 19.4 million voters. Her initial promise to pleasure those who vote “No” certainly didn’t include anyone who didn’t vote or who is not an Italian citizen.
Meanwhile, the deeply religious in her country are expressing outrage by her promise and behavior. Paola’s response is not to take yourself too seriously. She even told about several spicy incidents occurring during the tour.

One man was so shy after he pulled down his pants he began to cry. His embarrassment was so much that nothing happened. Paola tried her best, but after a few minutes, he stopped. Still crying, the man pulled his pants back up and left the room because of his discomfort.


We can all be sure Paola will have many stories to tell about her tour and her recovery.

In the end, the referendum did receive more yes votes than no, more than 50 percent in fact. How much did Paola win if she couldn’t sway compatriots to vote as she wanted? Certainly, no one will be voting outside her homeland of Italy.

Paola says this tour is a sexual revolution. A powerful step is Paola taking her power back. She is doing this for all of the girls in the world.