OMG! Iraqi Shot by German Police After Nightclub Violence

OMG! Iraqi Shot by German Police After Nightclub Violence

German police shot dead an Iraqi man after he allegedly killed one man and injured three others during a night of nightclub violence


German police gunned down an Iraqi man on Saturday night the 30th of July after a night of nightclub violence. Currently, authorities are telling the media that the violent acts were criminal in nature, as the Iraqi man was a resident of Germany. Initially, the violence broke out in the packed Grey nightclub in Konstanz, Germany, which lies near the southern border beside Switzerland.

Immediately, an ambulance rushed the Iraqi man to hospital but died of his injuries not long after arrival. He had taken part in a gunfight with police outside the club. Authorities have not released the names of who the 34-year-old man shot and the Police special forces are stressing that this violence broke out between fellow criminals.

Later, police spokesman Fritz Bezikofer explained to n-tv broadcaster: “The motives of the man who acted alone are unclear.” Allegedly, the shoot out also injured a policeman.



Criminal motives? Mental Instability? Terrorism?

Immediately after, local Germans took to social media debating whether or not the Iraqi acted upon terrorist motives. Consequently, many German citizens are anxious and nervous as only a day before a failed Palestinian asylum seeker stabbed several people in a supermarket in Hamburg. Sadly, a 50-year-old German man died from his wounds after the attack.

Furthermore, after the Hamburg attack, authorities stressed that despite the admitted connection to the Palestinian having been radicalized by extremists, in this case, the police wish the public to believe that the 26-year-old stabber was merely mentally unstable. Interestingly, the United Arab Emirates was the Palestinian asylum seeker’s place of birth.




Consequently, the Grey nightclub Facebook page blacked out their cover photo. Understandably, they have done this as a sign of mourning for the cold-blooded murder of its patrons. The comment section for the black image varies. Unsurprisingly, it ranges between extreme emotional outrage to pleas for people to remain calm and avoid revenge.

One commenter suggests that Germans should take to the streets to protest against the government’s policy on refugees. In response, another commenter tells him he should feel embarrassed about turning such a tragedy into a political event.