OMG! Horrifyingly, Pedophilia is Completely Legal in America!

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OMG! Horrifyingly, Pedophilia is Completely Legal in America!
OMG! Horrifyingly, Pedophilia is Completely Legal in America!

Shockingly, America legally recognizes pedophilia, and permits perverts to get away with the sexual exploitation of children!


Many Americans like to act shocked by acts of pedophilia, and rightfully, as such actions are abhorrent and vile. And also, Americans love to appear self-righteous and shocked when stories of child marriages emerge from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen. However, those Americans are hypocrites!

Americans turn a blind eye tolegalized pedophilia within their very own nation on a daily basis. In fact, the only other countries that legalize pedophilia to the same degree, ironically, are Yemen and Saudi Arabia!



Indeed, Americans spent a lot of time recently on a “#metoo” campaign which begged everyone to shed tears for millionaire celebrities that advanced their careers by performing sexual acts upon producer Harvey Weinstein. Yet, those very same Americans yawn at the legalized pedophilia that takes place right under their noses!


Yes, the American people seem to care very little that the parents of children as young as 10 force them into marriages with adults over the age of 18

Minors, forced by those whom should be protecting them, into legally binding rape and sexual torture. The most revolting aspect of this yawned-at-legal-loophole, in, supposedly, the “land of the free,” is that if parents had not forced the child into a legal marriage with a pervert, the law would deem such sexual interactions statutory rape!


Infographic: America's Youngest Child Brides & Grooms | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


How many children has America unforgivably permitted to be legally raped?

Between 2000 and 2015, American law permitted almost a quarter of a million children to become legally bound to an adult rapist. All under the guise of marriage. Parents and courts of law frequently collude to abandon their minors with perverted adults. Horrifically, legislation in many states does not permit those children to escape their prison of exploitation.

Frighteningly, 1000 of the legally married children in the United States have not even turned 15 yet! While data was not collectible from every state (meaning that the statistics are likely drastically higher), the accumulated stats showed that there were at least three children as young as ten years of age, legally bound to an adult rapist under the “excuse” of marriage.


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Are there any Americans trying to fight this scandalous legalization of child rape?

The not-for-profit organization Unchained At Last works tirelessly to bring awareness to Americans that their nation considers such heinous activities legal on their soil. Fraidy Reiss created Unchained At Last in 2011. This followed her escape from an abusive arranged marriage. Her parents forced her into this marriage at the age of 19. Within her strict religious traditions, she felt she could not escape. When she did, her family abandoned her. However, Reiss decided to help others in her situation.


During her time with the organization, it became apparent that many of the people that sought their help were minors.

Reiss and her colleagues decided to investigate any data they could collect from marriage licenses from around the US. Consequently, they were horrified to discover the sheer volume young children trapped in legal marriages.

Consequently, Reiss and her organization campaign and fight for US states to change their legislation. However, it is depressingly sad that the media gives wealthy celebrities more airtime for their comparatively minor woes. Especially when adults are raping young children under the protection of the law. Children who deserve a chance to be at school and to spend time playing with their friends.,

America needs to wake up to their hypocrisy and rush to ban this hideous practice of legalized child rape!


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