OMG! Is Greer’s “Unacknowledged” Propaganda for Extraterrestrial Cult?

Skeptics remain unconvinced at Greer's cult-like extraterrestrial documentary Unacknowledged | Image and trailer credits: The Orchard Movies via Youtube

Is Greer’s “Unacknowledged” Propaganda for Extraterrestrial Cult?
Is Greer’s “Unacknowledged” Propaganda for Extraterrestrial Cult?

After previous attempts to convince the public that he holds evidence that extraterrestrials exist and visit earth, Dr. Steven Greer still comes across as a cult-leader preaching madness in his new documentary Unacknowledged


Following on the tail of his documentary Sirius, Dr. Steven Greer again finds it difficult to hide the fact that his new documentary Unacknowledged is just a further perpetuation of the alien cult propaganda he is so keen to sell gullible people for thousands of dollars.

Unacknowledged does not deliver what Greer claims it sells. Furthermore, the viewer feels left without any tangible proof of his claims. Indeed, there was nothing in the documentary that seized you with a sense that it contained gripping and life-changing information.


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Greer attempts and fails to get you take his woo-woo seriously

Ultimately, to gain Greer’s holy grail of “proof,” one must buy into his woo-woo training program. Then, if you have over $2,500 to spare, he will take you to the desert to allegedly make personal contact with aliens. The catch, however, is that participants sign a waiver stating that they will not record or disclose what they experienced during these desert retreats.

If Greer is so desperate to give the world proof of his claims, why all the strictly guarded secrecy? When he finally did release footage of a so-called UFO visitation, the images of lights over the ocean looked remarkably identical to artillery illumination rounds. Consequently, the footage did not do a single thing to convince anyone of his claims.


However, in other ways, Greer does utilize very crafty methods to lure people into his trap

Nevertheless, ironically, one can still believe in the possibility of aliens and UFOs existing but feel skeptical about buying into Greer’s interpretations. The techniques he uses in Unacknowledged to convince the viewer has fallen flat even with many active ufologists.

Within the documentary, Greer claims that the core reason no one believes him is because he is a victim of a disinformation campaign. However, he parades many “high officials” who could quite easily be playing along with a conspiracy to provide stories that suit Greer’s narrative.



Indeed, a government seeking to create a disinformation campaign have the back of a perfectly willing horse to ride upon, in the form of Greer

In other words, if the government is keen to provide a distracting disinformation campaign about the existence of aliens, to cover for something more sinister, they will be quite happy to provide many of their “high officials” to perpetuate whatever stories will create a public distraction. Greer could be naively playing right into their hands.

Similarly, Greer himself may be a part of the fabric of a disinformation campaign hiding in plain sight. Indeed, the experts Greer rolls out onto the screen are impressive. Many of them also accompanied him to the first National Press Club Conference for the Disclosure Project in 2001. Indeed, the high ranking individuals who spoke could theoretically leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that UFOs and extraterrestrials have made contact with planet Earth.


Nevertheless, none of what they say provides support for Greer’s ideas about who and what these phenomena are

He provides anecdotal witness testimonies from army personnel associated to Roswell, such as Captain Bill Uhouse and US army photographer Stephen Lovekin. They describe alien creatures and a strange lever-less craft. However, who and what they are doesn’t necessarily align with Greer’s theories. Greer seeks to place his anecdotal narrative on top of their stories.

Additionally, Unacknowledged presents further anecdotal descriptions from many other high ranking individuals from the army and NASA. These individuals, which include astronauts such as Gordon Cooper and Buzz Aldrin all describe mysterious creatures and spacecraft that they anecdotally assume could not be made by humankind.



Still, it is lousy mathematics to leap then to assume that these statements equal the conclusions of Greer

Additionally, the fly in Greer’s snake-oil is the somewhat dubious witnesses he also throws into the mix. Everything immediately feels suspicious when he brings statements from a Jesuit, and anecdotal claims from a woman who claimed to have close ties to ex-Naxi, Carol Rosin. And most dubious of all is Greer’s close ties to a RockefellerLaurance Rockefeller.


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Who can you trust? It seems we always ask that question and then fall back to sleep. However, gradually, many are refusing to exercise any trust anymore. What then is left? One’s own senses, one’s own perception. Trusting Greer, or the government, or religion to do your thinking for you is nothing but perilous.


You have only one life to live, and to give your power away to anyone or anything is a travesty

But how do we untangle ourselves from the avalanche of control mechanisms that outside forces bombard us with? Fear and desire are the tunes of the pied piper leading us all along the garden path that ends in our destruction.

Why should anyone believe anything in the documentary Unacknowledged? And why should you believe men in suits with fancy titles who say “trust us without evidence”? Furthermore, why should you be expected to bow your heads in subservience? Why don’t we all just stop doing that?


Personally, you have likely never had conclusive proof that there are extraterrestrials

Chances are you have never seen a UFO. In the least, you have probably not witnessed any strange flying phenomena that you could explain as something that could not have originated here on earth. In other words, the brain is very clever at playing tricks, and we should never stop questioning even ourselves.

And that is not to say that you may not have ruled out the existence of aliens. But that is not the point. Until they show up in front of your eyes, you really have no evidence or proof. You cannot know if any of the voices in documentaries such as Unacknowledged are telling the truth.

Dr. Steven Greer does not give anyone any reason to trust him. Indeed, his entire enterprise is clearly a money-making scheme. His involvement in the Rockefeller family hints to how big named supposed insiders could be paid to say anything at all to a camera.


In a world where divide and conquer spirals like a tornado through populations to instill them with fear, how can anyone know if Dr. Steven Greer is not a part of the mechanics perpetuating this?

The only reason one might doubt this sinister assumption is that most evidence suggests his motivation is cult-like. Frequently, he presents his woo-woo spiritual message in conjunction with his “official” claims. What a smelly rat!


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Image and trailer credits: The Orchard Movies via Youtube