OMG! Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100

Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100
Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100

A damning report in the “Quarternary International” suggests that Venice will sink into the sea by 2100.

Fabrizio Antonioli and his team estimate that the rising sea will submerge 5,500 km2 of coastal plains.


Venice, The Ancient City of Lovers

The ancient and beautiful city of Venice contains over 1,200 years of vibrant history. It is the very same romantic canals that have been the subject of romantic stories and films, that are turning into a destructive nightmare.


Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100
Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100



Because of the dramatic increase in human-derived greenhouse gasses, a 280 km stretch of coastline along the North Atlantic will disappear. Antonioli and his team have been measuring ancient millstone quarries to derive their results.

Along the Mediterranean coast, the ancients quarried rocks like sandstone and beach rocks to create wheat, olive, and seed grinders. Antonioli and his team of researchers were able to monitor where the sea line had been in those eras and calculate the rate of change to the present day.


The Flooding of Venice

The city of Venice has always been prone to occasional flooding – up to 200 times per year. Throughout the past 1000 years, the water in the city has only risen by around 30-31 cms. But before the next century is out, it will have risen by 140 cm.




It is not just the 75% of Italians who live within 10 km of the coastline who are under threat. The flamingos in the Parc Delta del Po Veneto will have their habitat obliterated. The dire impact upon the environment and infrastructure will be devastating.

It is not just as simple as forcing land planners and decision makers to be cognizant of this for the future. Expensive Band-Aid solutions have occurred, but they don’t heal the root problem. Neither do they encourage anyone to take steps to reverse the reasons the sea is rising in the first place.


Pretentious Band-Aid Solutions

Since 2004, Venice City council has been bringing in engineering teams to create breakwaters and floodgates. This has been at a great expense to the taxpayer, in the range of billions of dollars.

Critics of these solutions have suggested that the Venetians should stop being pretentious, and stop sweeping the reality of the matter under the carpet. Not only do these solutions not help Venice in the long run, they are subjecting the city to greater sewage pollution.




Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100
Global Warming Will Sink Venice by 2100

The Key to Saving Venice, and the Planet

The key to the solution is dramatic lifestyle changes for the people of planet earth. Humanity has contributed to a 35% increase the number of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. All because of the selfish human lust for progress for profit.

Since the Industrial revolution, humanity has been raping the planet so an elite few can become obscenely rich. The sources of energy we use are carelessly and recklessly damaging our planet.

We have many alternative energy solutions, however, we continue to burn unacceptable amounts of fossil fuels. Deforestation is also leading to humanity committing a mass form of suicide.


Humanity is Committing Mass Suicide

Removing frighteningly large areas of forests removes not only our precious sources of oxygen. It also eradicates the trees, that act as sponges, which we need to absorb excess CO2.

It is the excess CO2 that could one day turn our beautiful planet into a barren wasteland similar to the planet Venus.

As well as excessive CO2, our careless disposal of waste and the throwaway culture is leading to increasing methane levels. Too much methane is also responsible for climate change.


What can we do to reverse climate change?

We need to act fast. There are simpler steps, and steps that need political action to create a dramatic change to reverse the damage.



On a day to day basis, you could consider doing the following:

  • Reconsider your travel plans. Plan more local vacations to avoid long-haul flights. And use public transport. You can half your negative impact on climate change by doing these things.
  • Reconsider your energy use. Employ low-energy technology to run your home. Check appliances for their Energy Savings ratings. Turn things off when not needed.
  • Consider clean energy. Look into installing solar panels. There are even domestic wind turbines you can utilize. Independent clean energy suppliers can help you find out how to cut down the costs of this.
  • Home insulation. When your home is not properly insulated, it is a though you have a hole the size of a football in your house allowing cooling or heating to escape.
  • Become vegetarian, or treat meat as a rare luxury. Cutting out meat entirely is the equivalent of switching from a regular car to a hybrid electric car.