OMG! Gay Muslim Couple Gets Married in the UK

OMG! Gay Muslim Couple Gets Married in the UK
OMG! Gay Muslim Couple Gets Married in the UK

Gay couple in the UK takes a stand against the Muslim outcry against homosexuality.


In a patriarchal society where conformity and social norms rule, one gay couple gets married to be an example for others. It’s not unusual for a Muslim to excuse gay behavior as a phase young people go through like adolescence. However, for two young men in the UK, taking a stand and speaking out was not enough.

Muslims are known for their zeal in following a strict set of social codes and standards. So much so, that keeping up appearances of what is socially acceptable is more important than the rights of people, male or female. Islamic society, on the whole, is homophobic.

Same sex relationships are recognized by Muslims even if they are not strictly platonic. Although repression of sexuality and gender discrimination is prevalent, engagement of men involved in sexual expression is tolerated and acknowledged.

In contrast, individuals are purposefully exemplified with savagely cruel punishment. The message to homosexuals and surrounding society is that to be gay is explicitly forbidden. Periods of moral panic are encouraged by governments to crack down on this frowned upon orientation.


Muslim men like to have parties

Muslim men have parties to celebrate their strength and superiority. Sometimes the parties are related to homosexuals and sometimes they are not.

Arrests are common at these party groups. Governments will stage a party when actions by the public need suppression. Law enforcement officials are sent in and used to elicit bribes or generate suspects. These suspects are in turn convinced to become informers. The hope is to send a message dissuading homosexual behavior or atheism.

Sexual arousal between men is not looked down upon or forbidden. The sexual act of sodomy is not considered gay unless you are the man being penetrated.

Sexual conquests command respect and admiration. The man in this position is virile. He acts within his rights and obligations. Acts of men are not wrong according to Muslim culture. As the dominant gender conquering and fornicating in whatever way and with whomever they like is normal.





Behind closed doors

Also normal in Islam and Islamic states remains the belief that behind closed doors any private behavior is perfectly acceptable. Camouflaged exploitation, humiliation, abuse or depravity of any kind is overlooked. Not only by family but also neighbors and Muslim government.

There is even a tradition in these countries whereby rich men will purchase young boys. Usually, the boys are from poor families. They are dressed up in women’s clothes. Then paraded, and humiliated, the boys are then taken off to commit sexually depraved acts of all forms.

These acts and traditions are not gay according to Muslims. It is a fond tradition that repeats itself. Modernity and time do not keep these traditions bound. This is true in every culture.


Hypocrisy in this culture is a way of life.

No one questions these traditions. To do so is to open yourself and your entire family to ridicule and physical torture. The men in the UK know about this distinction, but they are taking a stand anyway.



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