OMG! Frogzilla – Did Hunter Really Kill a 13lb Bullfrog?!

Frogzilla - Did Hunter Really Kill a 13lb Bullfrog?
Frogzilla - Did Hunter Really Kill a 13lb Bullfrog?

An idiot hunter slaughtered what appeared to be a giant bullfrog at the end of May.

Marcus Rangel has a rather stupid pastime where he kills innocent animals such as the giant bullfrog whose picture recently went viral. Countless commenters on the South Texas Hunting Assoc Facebook page were aghast when Rangel posed with the innocent animal which looked as though it was almost his height.

And Rangel wished to play along with the shocked commenters by claiming the innocent bullfrog was 13lbs. He said that he found the animal in one of the fishing ponds on his ranch in Batesville.


OMG! Frogzilla - Did Hunter Really Kill a 13lb Bullfrog?!
OMG! Frogzilla – Did Hunter Really Kill a 13lb Bullfrog?!


Over 40,000 Shocked commenters

Tens of thousands of startled commenters couldn’t believe what they saw in the picture. One lady stated that she would kill herself getting away from it. Another woman said, “Wow what a biggieo.”

Some commenters made jokes, suggesting that they could use them to feed a ton of people with the innocent animal’s flesh. One person wondered if it had hair. Another suggested that it might be radioactive. One commenter suggested that she also had once seen a bullfrog this big, and now this photo could prove to her loved ones that she was honest.

The spokesman with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Steve Lightfoot, assured the media that the picture was real and not photoshopped, and indeed real. However, many skeptics were not convinced that what they were seeing was anything other than an optical illusion.




Forced perspective

A simple visit to the Snopes website can instantly clear up any conspiracy theories and hoaxes, in the majority of cases. Photography experts can easily tell that the photo of the giant bullfrog is merely an optical illusion.

The optical illusion employed by Rangel, and whoever took the picture, is called forced perspective. Rangel is holding the bullfrog towards the camera. From this point of view, it appears larger as it is closer to the lens.

Many tourists will employ this technique when visiting attractions such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They will stand with their hands lined up to the edge of the tower, at a distance, and it looks like they are a giant who is preventing the tower from falling over.


Impossible size for a bullfrog

It is impossible for nature to produce such a large bullfrog as it simply would not be capable of survival. At that weight, jumping would become impossible.

Giant frogs found on our planet are nowhere near 13lbs. In fact, the largest are generally only around 1.5lbs. The largest frog ever discovered, called Goliath Frog, was the heaviest at about 7lbs. This weight is the equivalent of a bowling ball.