OMG! French Athletes Linked to Actress, Pamela Anderson

OMG! French Athletes linked to Actress, Pamela Anderson
OMG! French Athletes linked to Actress, Pamela Anderson

French athletes considers media pairing with actress Pamela Anderson “weird”

Amid French sports websites promoting premiers of sports games, athletes, statistics and more, Nolan Roux was reported having a fling with actress Pamela Anderson.

Nolan Roux plays striker position for a Saint-Etienne soccer team in France.

Allegations linking the athlete with the starlet are not stirring the waves the way the media has intended. Both are aware of the methods mainstream media will sink to get more viewers and sell more papers.

As a striker for the French soccer team, Roux is busy training and playing. He is consumed with his professional and personal life. One that includes a wife with a wonderful sense of humor. She understands the incitement and knows her husband wouldn’t stray. She laughs at the absurdity of it all. They both have a sense of humor.


Still, it’s not ideal to be at the end of false accusations no matter what the circumstances. Also, it is a wonder to them who started the false rumor and why they don’t stop it.

Still, it’s annoying for Roux and his wife to be receiving text messages and emails asking about the validity of the rumor. Undoubtedly, their families know the truth.


Being well natured about it is the best way to handle the situation

Meanwhile, Pamela is busy keeping to a vegan lifestyle and supporting her friend, Julian Assange. Assange is a Wikileaks founder. Pamela professes to believe in what Assange is doing and what he stands for. She has been married and divorced several times. Her two children Brandon Lee and Dylan Lee are grown up and developing their own lives.


Pamela is an activist for animal rights and has written a book, The Sensual Revolution. She is also co-conspirator with Coco de Mer on a lingerie line along with other sensual devices. She is also currently involved with a business from her hometown in Canada and enjoys living in the south of France.


However, the confusion could just be a mix-up

Pamela has been spotted with Adil Rami. Rami is also a French athlete. He plays for French club Olympique de Marseille and the France national team.

The actress, although forty-nine has been seeing the thirty-one-year-old soccer player for some time. Spotted in restaurants, on the beach during vacation, the pair seems to be having the time of their lives.

With time on her hands between visiting her friend Assange in London, spending time with her children and supporting her newly launched Foundation, she finds herself entertaining company with Rami. The two looked cozy in a restaurant together. There are also pictures of them exiting the lobby of a hotel in Monaco. It’s no wonder she is enjoying living in southern France.