OMG! Fox News Films UFO Flying Past US Capital Building! (Video)

A UFO fly-past interrupts a live Fox News report outside US Capital Building.

OMG! Fox News Films UFO Flying Past US Capital Building!
OMG! Fox News Films UFO Flying Past US Capital Building!

A shocked anonymous viewer recorded a Fox News live broadcast that showed a UFO flying past the US Capital Building.


And anonymous Fox News live TV audience member submitted a recording to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) which showed a UFO flying past the US Capital Building.  MUFON is the longest running UFO investigative service in the world, so news of sightings such as this one are common for the organization.

Another UFO investigation website, Open Minds, published the video to YouTube to use the public hive mind to try to work out what exactly the UFO could be. Was it extraterrestrials? Was it military aircraft? What could be the explanation?


Shiny yellow gold disk flying at super speeds

In the video submitted to MUFON, what looks like a shiny yellow gold disk shoots up from the left side of the screen. It travels at lightning speed, almost disappearing as it passes the Capital building, and then reappearing on the other side.

The anonymous submitter left only a cryptic message with their submission: “It flew in front of the Capital Building while I was watching Fox News.” According to MUFON sources, along with the video, the anonymous person who reported the UFO included a screenshot.


YOUTUBE Video(Open Minds Production):



Video analysis

Open Mind’s upload of the UFO flying past the capital building consists of two sequences of the video is slowed down. First, they slow it to 50%, and then next they slow it to 10%. Commenters on the video offered their thoughts, and journalist Alejandro Rojas from Open Mind admits that they are also stumped.

Some viewers of the footage felt that it was obviously a yellow Frisbee. Other views believe the supposed UFO was digitally added to the footage after the anonymous report maker saved the Fox News broadcast. Indeed, Fox News hasn’t commented and has not admitted to any anomalies present in any of their filming.


Optical illusion or hoax?

Indeed, it appears as though most longstanding ufologists are not concerned that this UFO is anything more extraordinary than a hoax or a Frisbee. Rojas seems convinced of one definite thing. Whatever it is, is likely closer to the camera than it is to the Capital Building. He suggests this may create an optical illusion that it is larger than it truly is.

Nevertheless, UFO does indeed stand for unidentified flying object. And for what it is worth, the flying object in the live Fox News broadcast remains unidentified.


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