OMG! In Four Days Canadian River Vanishes (Video)

Slims River current changes in four days

OMG! In Four Days Canadian River Vanishes
OMG! In Four Days Canadian River Vanishes

River pirated within four days

The Slims River, was once a river flowing with underwater vegetation, freshwater fish, and rich ecosystems. It’s location in the Yukon, is very close to Alaska. This Chanel provided water to all the surrounding glacial formations, national park and within four days the climate has completely changed. What was once whitewater rapids is now a memory.

Now only a trickle, geologists attribute the diminished water to a change in a global warming and glacier activities. But the piracy of this water is more likely. In a mere four days, the water level decreased from a normal level to dry as a bone. This isn’t a natural occurrence. Global warming and water levels don’t suddenly change overnight as the Slims has. Moreover, the direction of water flow has changed.

So where is the water going? There must be a rise in water level somewhere else in the world, but where is it? Logic tells me the water transfer was to a specific location with an intended reason.

The gross effect this drop has had on the ecosystem is devastating. All over the globe ecosystems are shifting. We need to pay attention, raise awareness and protect our communities from intense damage such as this.




We have all played in a swimming pool, bathtub, water park and we are not strangers to the physics of water

The Slims River is closely located to Alaska which is not a great jump to the Russian border. Geologists and other scientists need to look at the location and figure out where the water went. It didn’t evaporate in four days. Meanwhile, the current was definitively redirected, and most likely it had a force promoting its variation in flow and current.

We do know the flow is now south toward the Kaskawulsh River, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean. Investigation of water currents change, the location of current water flow and the political climate surrounding the pirated water is absolute.


So here is the real concern

Why does the water need to be re-routed? Who is facilitating the change? What are the purpose, gains, and losses resulting from this modification?

Certainly, it’s not enough to accept such a drastic transition in the climate surrounding the Slims River. A 300-year-old river doesn’t stop and reverses flow in such a brief period. People who live closest to the Slims are the ones who must ask the most questions.


Government representatives must be contacted to find the origin of this problem

Natural disasters do occur all the time. Hurricane Irma and many others are blatant examples. Nevertheless, this backed-up water system is not a natural occurrence. There was no storm, no Tsunami, no severe earthquake. Do the math and figure out why such a change would occur so suddenly.


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