OMG! Fabulous New Plymouth Gay Bar Born!

OMG! Fabulous New Plymouth Gay Bar Born!
OMG! Fabulous New Plymouth Gay Bar Born!

If you are looking for a fabulous night out on the Barbican, get yourself down to Plymouth’s fabulous new OMG Gay Bar!

The glittery grand opening of the OMG Gay Bar in Plymouth, Devon went off in fabulous style on Friday night, the 14th of July. And after refusing to skimp on a single pretty penny, the entire venue is decked out absolutely gorgeously! Finally, a deliciously gay space right on the Barbican!

OMG Bar intends to open seven days a week. It also promises to delight and connect punters from the Devon LGBTQ community. Business Development Manager, Joseph Picknell explained how he hopes the new bar will become a safe haven amongst the predominately heterosexual community in the area. The Bar is located underneath the OMG nightclub, which has already enjoyed a riotously wonderful three years.

This wonderfully unique venue will become a place for the gay community to come and relax with friends.  There is even outdoor seating right on the impressive Barbican water front! Also, the bar will serve not only premium alcoholic drinks but also light snacks, coffee, and tea. The bar intends to keep opening hours between 12 pm and 2 am.


Changing attitudes to the LGBTQ community

Picknell also went on to describe how he hopes that the LGBTQ community will become more integrated with the debut of the bar. He believes that initially, the Plymouth Gay scene felt shocked.

Members of the local LGBTQ community were worried that the bar had opened in such an obviously public location. But he insists times are changing and moving forward. He feels that there is no need for the community to hide in back alleys, out of sight.

Additionally, to kick the bar’s opening off with a stylish bang this year, it will hold Mr Gay UK 2017’s regional heats tonight (Sunday) at the venue. Mr Gay UK is a beauty contest specifically for gay men that began in 1982. Initially, the contest was held under the name Mr Hardware.

The competition receives national attention, and the TV show Passengers featured it in 1994. Channel 5 in the UK broadcast the event twice, in 1998 and 1999. Big celebs come out to support the event; such famous names include Jean Paul Gautier, Danny La Rou, and Sir Ian McKellen.

Punters so far have expressed how they are delighted and impressed with their experience when visiting the bar. We wish Plymouth’s OMG Bar the best of luck and every success!