OMG! Ex FBI Employee Sells Arizona Alien Ranch


$5 Million ranch for sale in Arizona comes with a warning

Stardust Ranch listed at $5 Million is available for purchase in sunny Arizona. The home hosts five beautiful bedrooms, four bathrooms, swimming pool, and horse stables. The house has 3,500 square feet of living space and is located on a gated desert property. A guest house, RV hookups, a private well, arena, kennel, hay barn and tack room also grace the property.

The present owners have been struggling for 20 years with the property. The original plan was to run a horse and dog rescue. The acreage is so vast it could accommodate this life dream. However, circumstances changed The Edmond’s hopes for their ranch.



John Edmonds and his wife, Joyce, documented strange events at their home

The Edmonds moved into the ranch more than 19 years ago. Since then they have documented skin punctures, skin indentations, bruising, nausea, chronic fatigue and muscle weakness. All these things they attribute to exposed radiation following visits from extraterrestrials. Additionally, John talks about an incident when Joyce was levitated and moved towards an alien spacecraft.


The couple contacted the authorities and a team of investigators using high powered; military laser equipment apparently shined the detection tools something they call the Grey alien.


Rainbow Valley

The ranch in Rainbow Valley, a location outside Phoenix, Arizona is large enough for triangular ships to enter a portal and cause a raucous at Edmond’s ranch. Nevertheless, when the couple first moved, in addition to seeing mysterious orbs and strange lights surrounding the farm, they also noticed helicopters and military jets interacting with the Greys.



In an interview with John Edmonds, he tells the story of his wife’s levitation experience. He seems lucid and well composed. His wife Joyce didn’t address the alien visits. Instead, she spoke about her recovery from cancer.

While the ranch itself is a wonderful find, John Edmonds admits his reservations. He says “It’s a mixed bag. It’s not something for a traditional family, but it holds a lot of secrets and what I believe are future opportunities to understand forces that are in the universe.” He goes on to say to potential buyers: “Please be very well grounded because the energy here tends to manifest with whatever is going on with you.”


Unique property

Any architect and designer could do the property a great justice by putting a little into making it a home. Admittedly, a topographical survey might also do the buyer some good. It could put your mind at ease over the potential alien portal.

The real estate agent, Kimberly Gero, says the buyer must sign a contract whereby acknowledgment of a guaranteed alien encounter or avoiding one is impossible. She advises potential clients to buy at their own risk even though the property is special.



Meanwhile, John conducted an investigation of his own

He took a knife with fluid and tissue he claims from an encounter where he killed one of the Greys. The body disappeared as it usually did. John sent the samples to a lab in Michigan where W.C. Levengood conducted tests. After building a relationship with Levengood and acquiring information about the tissues, the scientist stopped correspondence suddenly. The samples in the lab disappeared, and Levengood was found dead in his lab. This scenario raises suspicions.


After finding out that John Edmonds was a Psychiatric therapist and Joyce was of all things, an ex FBI employee, the story begins to make some sense

Seeing a military jet and helicopters communicate with another unidentified object is probably nothing more than the FBI doing their thing on an ex-employee. Could Joyce’s entire FBI profile been wiped off the public record?

Could all the mystery be attributed to FBI and military interference? It seems the most likely answer. Moreover, attribution of all alien citing could be a deep state government invention.

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