OMG! Elderly Couple Die Holding Hands

Elderly couple die holding hands
Elderly couple die holding hands

Elderly couple die just hours apart, holding hands …

In a world where everything always appears so dark and gloomy, true love shines as a beacon to give us hope. A romance story that puts Disney films to shame is that of Trent and Dolores Winstead, in love for 64 years, who died holding hands with one another. She was 83, he was 88.


They met in Dickson County in Tennessee back in the 50s

But soon had to part when Trent was sent overseas to war. He would write Dolores long love letters, and eventually after returning from the Korean War they married. She, a quiet and religious woman, he gregarious with a love of the outdoors. They had two children together, Sheryl and Eddie, who gave them three grandchildren who went on to give them eight great-grandchildren.

Initially, Trent was rushed to hospital in early December 2016 with kidney failure. He had lost his appetite completely and his blood pressure was dropping, and the usual resolute man who usually refused to visit the doctor was forced to relent by his daughter.


He was put on dialysis but his heart immediately began to weaken

Dolores was beside herself with worry, she remarked to her daughter that she had no idea how she would live without him.

The stress for Dolores proved too much, even though her children tried to avoid frightening her with too much information, the unthinkable happened. As she sat by her husband’s hospital bed it appeared to her daughter that she was napping.

But she had actually experienced a massive brain hemorrhage. She had earlier been complaining of having a headache, and had even vomited from the pain.


Her daughter failed to rouse her and called the nurses, who went on to try to waken her in the emergency room

Although she still was breathing, her brain activity had ceased, and she was placed on a ventilator in a different hospital room to Trent.



Elderly couple die holding hands
Elderly couple die holding

The children then had to break the distressing news to him. Everyone was immensely upset, even the cardiologist was in tears. A nurse took the initiative to take Trent to see Dolores in a wheelchair, where he wept, begging her to wake up.


He pleaded with his children to pray to God to wake her and to create a miracle. He felt there was no way he could live without her

His daughter implored him to believe that she would take care of him, but she also knew that his heart was growing far too weak.

In an unprecedented act, the hospital decided to make the radical decision to place Dolores’s bed beside Trent’s. And in the same way they had spent all of their evenings since retirement at home, they lay together holding hands, side-by-side, until at 9.10pm Dolores stopped breathing.

At first his children could not bring themselves to break the sad news, that his soul-mate had gone. Eventually his son told him, and forlornly Trent blew Dolores a kiss.


At 4pm the next day, Trent died of a broken heart, a heart that had already been weakened by his illness

Both children were devastated that they would have to leave the hospital without either of their parents.

On the 16th of December, 2016, Trent and Dolores had a joint funeral, she in a pink casket, and his casket blue. The beautiful Hillary Scott song “Love Remains” was chosen to send off these true lovers into eternity, together forever.