OMG! Does Cher Only Have One Nipple?!

OMG! Does Cher Only Have One Nipple?!
OMG! Does Cher Only Have One Nipple?!

Twitter was on fire after Cher’s performance at the recent Billboard Music Awards ceremony when it looked distinctly like she only had one nipple!


At 71 years young, Cher still is as hot as ever, so her nude appearing outfit spread immense confusion amongst fans when it looked clearly as though one of her ample breasts was missing a nipple!

While singing and dancing flawlessly to her song Believe!, Cher dominated the stage powerfully. Her stunning outfit contained flowing strands of silver sequins lined over her fit body. It is no wonder fans thought she was naked.



No nipple?!?

A pink sequined heart shaped pastie covered one of her nipples. However, the other nipple didn’t share a matching pastie! And it looked like she didn’t even have any nipple a pastie would cover!

On closer viewing, it became apparent that she, in fact, had a nude colored body suit underneath the sparkling costume. Nevertheless, her costume and body were so flawless that fans can be forgiven for being so mistaken about her missing nipple.


Twitter storm

Confused and amused fans set Twitter and social media on fire with their questions about where exactly was Cher’s nipple?! Some incredulous fans wondered if the power of technology had been utilized to blur out her exposed nipple.

Other’s complained that they missed out on the enjoying her performance, as they were so obsessed with trying to figure out where her errant nipple had gone the entire time.

Nevertheless, the power of television was made apparent by the inability of any audience member watching at home to notice the nude colored bodysuit under the sparkly bodice. When viewed up close in real life, the nude bodysuit was truly very noticeable to the naked eye.


Hot, yet humble

Following all the confusion and drama about her apparent missing nipple, Cher accepted the illustrious Icon award. The gorgeous Gwen Stefani presented her with the award. But Cher shone like the striking ageless diva she is and responded with great modesty.



OMG! Does Cher Only Have One Nipple?!
OMG! Does Cher Only Have One Nipple?!


Cher gave a humble acceptance speech. She explained how she had dreamed of becoming a star since she was as young as four years of age, and she now looks back after 53 years of fulfilling that childhood fantasy.

Going on, she explained how she never saw herself as special, despite her mother and ex-husband Sonny Bono believing she was. Additionally, she stressed that all of her success came down to luck. However, we, and no one else could ever believe the deserved success derived from her immense talent is all down to pure lucky chances.




Impressive career

Many high school dropouts deem that decision as the worst they ever made. However for Cher, dropping out of school at 16 years of age was the best decision she ever made for her career. Meeting Bono, who was eleven years her senior, would propel her into mega-stardom.

Her style and flamboyance, coupled with her powerful voice won the public’s, heart. She and Bono would marry, and star in their own TV show, which was extremely popular during the 70s. They would have a child together, but they later divorced. Cher’s solo career went from strength to strength.

Cher turned her hand to acting and proved to be incredibly talented, starring in countless films. Her work in Hollywood was alongside monumental actors and actresses such as Meryl Streep in Silkwood. Later, Cher would go on to receive an Oscar for best actress for her lead role in Moonstruck.


In fact, her award-winning has reflected her success in everything she has ever done

As well as this Icon award, she has also won an Emmy and a Grammy. She has received nominations for countless others.

We congratulate Cher on her deserved win and are mesmerized by her overt sexiness and powerful talent even at the age of 71 when other people deem themselves elderly and settle down to retire. What an incredible legend. A true icon.