OMG Digital, Takes the Lead in African Start-ups

OMG Digital, Takes the Lead in African Start-ups
OMG Digital, Takes the Lead in African Start-ups

Founders of OMG Digital take their start up from Africa to the Silicon Valley


Dominic Mensah, Prince Boakye Boampong and Jesse Arhin Ghansah have started a new company, OMG Digital. The home base of their company is out of Africa. The premise of their company began while these young millennials were in college. Ghansah was bored and wanted something interesting and exciting to read. Thus began the start of a new company.

Content produced by OMG Digital is viewed by millions. Their social outreach is also over millions. In addition, with over 4 million readers each month, it’s no wonder OMG Digital has all the attention. Videos, pictorials and other content are tailored to African cultures.

OMG Digital caught the attention of its targeted audience. The three friends raised $1.1 million in seed funding towards their new companies start up. Some of the international investors include: Comcast Ventures Catalyst, Macro Ventures, Soma Capital, M&Y Growth Partners, Social Capital, Kima Ventures, Angel Investors, Francis Xavier Helgesen and Josh Buckly of Mino Games.


Y Combinator program

Continuous expanse of ideas and hard work prompted the African trio to be accepted into the Y Combinator program. The Y Combinator program, based in Silicon Valley, created a new archetype to encourage and facilitate young start-ups in the early stages of their development. The YC program assists the new companies in preparation of intense readiness. The goal is to be qualified to pitch to investors.

Because of the help they received from YC and the seed funding as a jump start, OMG Digital is up and running in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. In order to expand to more countries, any and all Capital will be used.


Dubbed OMGVoice and  “BuzzFeed of Africa.”

BuzzFeed of Africa has already sorted more substantial partners such as Coca Cola, KFC, Pringles, Philips, Huawei and many African telecoms including MTN. They have sorted marketing campaigns and have sponsors for content. OMGVoice focuses on African food recipes and culture. Travel and technology are also on the list of new launches.


Why invest in OMG Digital?

Labeled Millennials, eighteen to twenty four-year-olds, make up more than half of OMG Digital users. Millennials are one of the main plugs investors got hooked on. Overseas companies want to figure a way to reach young African consumers and their varying markets. For example, some countries prefer Twitter over Facebook and vice versa. All players involved with this start up will address choices of the locals.

Ghansah says their goal is to pioneer content advertising in Africa. The mission of this company is to influence and create African digital media brands and create a platform to serve up their pop culture. The partners and investors are the major names who put them on the map. So far things are going pretty good.