OMG! Debbie Reynolds Dies Day After Daughter!

OMG! Debbie Reynolds Dies Day After Daughter!

OMG! Debbie Reynolds Dies Day After Daughter!
OMG! Debbie Reynolds Dies Day After Daughter!

Devastated and brokenhearted, the famous Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds, aged 84, has died. Her death is just a day after her famous daughter Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, passed away.

Debbie Reynold’s son Todd called for an ambulance at about 1 pm on Wednesday, December 29th. Initially, he suspected she had suffered a stroke. She had been making plans for her daughter’s funeral at the time. When asked why did Debbie Reynolds die, her son responded that the stress of her daughter’s death was just “too much” for her.

(Carrie Fisher Died after Heart Attack)

The mother and daughter had had their ups and downs throughout the years. Fisher even penned a semi-autobiographical novel called “Postcards from The Edge” about their relationship. It eventually became adapted into a movie, with the heroine, played by Meryl Streep, struggling with drugs and alcohol, and experiencing a strained relationship with her mother, portrayed by Shirley MacLaine. In the end, Fisher and Reynolds were a deeply bonded mother and daughter pair, and Reynolds son Todd claimed that her last wish before dying was to be with her daughter again.

Hollywood Royalty

Reynolds was born as Mary Frances in 1932 but later changed to the stage name of Debbie. She was considered Hollywood royalty and became famous at 19 after starring in the cinematic musical classic “Singin’ in the Rain” with Gene Kelly, in 1952. A Multi-talented and versatile entertainer, she was not only an actress, she was an exquisite singer and brilliant dancer. Her Hollywood résumé was overflowing from a career that saw her working in countless films, TV shows and on Broadway, winning her numerous prestigious awards. It was just last year that she received the lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild. Her daughter Carrie presented it to her at the ceremony.

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