OMG! Death Defying Diving Horse Show In Atlantic City (Video)

Horse show attraction at Steel Pier, Atlantic City

OMG! Death Defying Diving Horse Show In Atlantic City
OMG! Death Defying Diving Horse Show In Atlantic City

Steel Pier renown for Diving Horse show

The Steel Pier opened in Atlantic City in 1998. It quickly became known for its parks and attractions. The pier hosted concerts, unusual shows and theater productions with the greatest entertainers. It is also renown for the Diving Horse Show.

The show came to life as a fiery, frisky young horse displayed no fear of heights or water. The horse seemed to dive from a height into the water without hesitation. The Pier decided to make an attraction out of the scene, and a star was born. Visitors were entertained by the horse who jumped from an incline of 40 – 60 feet. On its back, an attractive female rider sat. Double the pleasure, double the fun for the audiences. They could ogle women in bathing suits and a horse doing the most unlikely stunt.

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No horse injuries were ever reported

There were no reported injuries of horses from the show. However, there were a few riders who ended up with broken bones. Occasionally the overly excited horse wouldn’t wait for its rider and wanted to jump prematurely. The impatience of the horse caused many injuries. As riders attempted to mount the horses, its anticipation of the jump would interfere with the riders secure mount.

One particular woman, Ms. Carver performed as a diver for eighteen years. During one of the dives, her eyes were open as horse and rider met the water. Although the crash caused trauma and she lost her vision, she continued her diving career for another eleven years following the accident. Ms. Carver lived to be 99 years old. When the horses got too old or scared, they were retired to farms.





Most often their care was meticulous

Fire destroyed Steel Pier, and it closed in 1976. Atlantic City was no more attraction. In 1993, Donald Trump came along and built up casinos, hotels and the area of Atlantic City and Steel Pier once again thrived. Currently, it has a modern park, special events, amusement park, rides and other attractions. Trump restored the pier to its former glory.

Nevertheless, Horse Diving is now considered cruelty to animals. Some even say the horses of old were abused as they were driven onto a scaffold. Sometimes with electric shocks, sometimes with a cattle prod or worse. But this is speculation.

Meanwhile, today there is a Diving Horse Club. Visitors to the pier can purchase tickets and participate in all the events, rides and attractions the pier offers.


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