OMG! De Niro Called America a Tragic Dumbass Comedy!

OMG! De Niro Called America a Tragic Dumbass Comedy!
OMG! De Niro Called America a Tragic Dumbass Comedy!

Brown University recently gave Robert De Niro an honorary doctorate, and during his commencement speech it was no holds barred when he called America a “Tragic, Dumbass Comedy”


Just last week, De Niro took the opportunity to blast America for being a “Tragic, Dumbass Comedy” when he gave a commencement speech for the graduates of 2017 at Brown University. The university decided to honor the senior actor with an honorary doctorate of fine arts. During De Niro’s subsequent speech, he ripped viciously into American politics. Additionally, he encouraged the students to fight for change.

“Lock the Van Wickle Gates”

De Niro implored the students to “lock the Van Wickle Gates” and not leave the university. His caveat was that he believes students should only leave if they intend to create change; If these students felt determined to take part in stopping the insanity. That they should work to ensure that the class of 2018 would graduate into a better world.

He additionally lamented about how he felt that the graduating students were exiting their university career into a radically altered world. A world completely different to the one that they lived in when they entered university. De Niro called the America pre-Trump’s election “inspiring, uplifting drama.

This is also not the first occasion that De Niro has leaped at the opportunity to make his vitriolic feelings about President Donald Trump known. In fact, many celebrities that have received honorary doctorates during the recent graduation season, have taken the opportunity to get political.


Punching Trump

During the Trump campaign, many people felt shocked by the feelings that De Niro expressed. Especially his response to Trump’s sentiments about how he wanted to punch people in the face. De Niro, in a video for the #VoteYourFuture campaign, retorted by saying he wanted to punch Trump in the face.

He additionally fired further slurs and criticisms at the soon-to-be-elected President. He was certainly not backward in coming forward with his insults. De Niro called Trump blatantly stupid, punk, a pig, a mutt, a dumbass and many other denigrating names. The campaign organizers ultimately cut the video as it was so vitriolic.  They felt that De Niro’s sentiments were too partisan. Nevertheless, it has always been clear how De Niro feels about POTUS.


Alternative Facts

On a different occasion, De Niro ripped into Trump’s budget plans. He described the plans as “alternative facts.” In particular, De Niro was upset about Trump’s planned cuts to the arts. De Niro disputed the notion that programs such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts are elitist. He argued that in fact, the opposite perspective was the case and that such programs are life-enhancing and life-saving.

Other complaints De Niro had were in regards to Trump’s proposed immigration ban. The Academy Award Winner brought up how he believed that the US would never have permitted Charlie Chaplin to enter the country had such policies existed during his era. De Niro commented fearfully “I hope we’re not keeping out the next Chaplin.

Additionally, when interviewed on The View, he stressed how he believes that Trump is a bully. De Niro explained that Trump needs to hear that the people are not going to put up with his rhetoric.