OMG! Contaminated Blood Inquiry Announced

OMG! Contaminated Blood Inquiry Announced
OMG! Contaminated Blood Inquiry Announced

Contaminated Blood Inquiry seems like something new


Reporters today are documenting the dissemination of contaminated blood. The investigation surrounds the deaths of thousands of people. These people were recipients of blood transfusions but mainly blood products created for Hemophiliacs who need plasma to clot their blood.

It appears as though the contamination is happening today, which is probably true. However, the story began in the 1970’s when blood began its revolution.

Between 1970 and 1991 the Department of Health estimated over 30,000 people infected with Hepatitis C. This followed treatment with National Health Service Blood Products. Under 6,000 people have been identified. Some of them have testified about their demise. Although others have died leaving behind widows and widowers struggling with medical fees from their loved ones.


Why is this trending today?

Blood contamination is trending today because of Jason Evans. Jason’s father, Jonathon, died in 1984 from blood products used for hemophiliacs. Otherwise, the government would be content to bury the whole topic.

Inquiries such as the Parliamentary Group Inquiry and the Penrose Inquiry began many years ago. Although the inquiries themselves seem legit and quite extensive, the purpose is to bury the story and the money, deep in the government vaults.

The Penrose Inquiry pays tribute to all of those who stepped forward to help their investigation and quote it to include:

  1. The collection of blood by donation and preparation of blood products for supply.
  2. The steps taken to prevent the supply of contaminated blood to patients
  3. Information provided to patients about the risk of infections
  4. The Steps taken to chase infected patients


Money was allocated

Money was allocated to the Government to “support” those who were directly and most severely affected by the contamination. However, infected families and individuals must apply and appeal to receive “help” and financial support to cover their expenses directly caused by the poisonous blood.

It is not by mistake that they cannot get the “monies” that were set aside in this case. It is also not by mistake that the investigations are ongoing. The longer these inquiries are tied up in legal tape, the more the government can avoid doing the right thing and give the money to those who were affected by the blood.


Where is the Documentation?

Mr. Jason Evans contacted the health minister. In any event, the records regarding his inquiry were reported lost. As a result, Mr. Evans did his own research. He found the information he was looking for within the national archives.

Mr. Evans has since filed a case against the government for negligence and breach of statutory duty. More than 120 people have joined Jason Evans in this court battle to recur their interests.

The Department of Health declined to make a comment about the case. Can you guess why?