OMG! CIA Release Russian UFO Document

CIA Release Russian UFO Document
CIA Release Russian UFO Document

De-classified: CIA Release Russian UFO Document

During the recent bulk release of previously highly classified CIA documents, a report of a deadly UFO encounter by Russian soldiers was revealed.

The CIA recently released a tremendous amount of previously classified documents. This primarily contained information about paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena. This incident, recorded in one of those documents, is freely accessible on the CIA website.


Aliens Turn Soldiers to Stone

The document appears to have landed in the hands of the CIA some time after the fall of Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991. It states that 23 Russian soldiers turned to stone after an alien encounter in Siberia.


CIA Release Russian UFO Document
CIA Release Russian UFO Document


A translation of a report from the Ukrainian newspaper “Ternopil vechirniy“, it claims the Russian military shot down a low-flying flying-saucer.

After it had appeared to the training military unit, it was immediately, and foolishly, shot down by a surface to air missile, by one of the soldiers.

The flying saucer allegedly crashed to the ground. Approximately 5 of the surviving aliens then emerged from the destroyed craft. According to the document, the alien creatures had large black eyes and oversized heads, on small bodies.


Humanoids Transfer to Ball of Light

Eyewitnesses who had hidden in a shaded area claimed these 5 small “humanoids” merged into a spectacular burning ball of light. It began to hiss and buzz persistently before it violently exploded.

The exposed 23 soldiers allegedly turned immediately to stone. Documents on the incident had suggested they transformed into limestone-like stone poles.

Photographs and eyewitness accounts are said to still be under lock and key within the CIA. The remains of the deceased soldiers and the UFO ended up with the KGB.


CIA Release Russian UFO Document


What is most alarming, is that the document suggests that these alien beings have weaponry that is beyond anything we can create on earth. The ability of these alien beings to turn humans into stone is reminiscent of Greek mythology.


Aliens in Greek Mythology?

Is it possible that the ancient myths, like the one about Medusa, could have been our ancestors attempting to understand alien encounters?

Unfortunately, only the single CIA document revealing these details shared here is available for public viewing. Why are they hiding the rest of the evidence?

The original dossier concerning this alarming incident is alleged to have contained approximately 250 pages. Why are the CIA only releasing a small document from the greater dossier? This only leaves the public with more questions than answers!


CIA Reputation Increasing Public Suspicion

The CIA is losing its reputation as a reputable agency. The recent enormous Wikileaks exposé on CIA cyberweaponry is causing the public to lose their patience and trust in this government intelligence organization.

What kind of information are they hiding from us? What further dangers are they recklessly not enabling us to protect ourselves from?

What did the CIA set out to achieve by releasing such a huge volume of documents about paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena? Especially as most of these documents seem to only hint at a tip of an iceberg.


CIA Release Russian UFO Document
CIA Release Russian UFO Document


It appears as though the government is throwing enticing fodder to conspiracy theorists. Documents, including this one, add weight to what many believers in the paranormal and UFOs claim to be hard evidence.


CIA Hiding More Evidence?

To skeptics, however, these documents lack any depth of evidence at all. And it appears they are being used as some kind of smokescreen. Are the government using these revelations as a distraction?

Is this distraction to prevent people from looking at the government’s real incompetence? Or are there extraterrestrial and paranormal activity occurring under out noses? And is there a sinister conspiracy to keep it from us?

Nothing is ever black and white. Nothing is ever really gray. Everyone has their own tunnel of perception, and reality is a spectrum of many colors. The truth may be beyond even the capacity of the CIA or any human comprehension at all.

These released documents appear to merely be delicious hints. Hints to create a time-consuming distraction for the masses. When the masses are distracted, sinister things can take place.

The CIA is flaunting small glimpses of dancing shadows. Dancing shadows of what is an enormous reality that they forbid us from seeing in its entirety.