Freedom of information act reveals Uri Geller CIA psychic spy!

Conspiracy theorists who have believed that Uri Geller was a CIA psychic spy have been feeling vindicated. This follows the CIA being recently compelled to release 13 million top-secret documents due to a freedom of information act lawsuit.



CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed
CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed


Although we have known for years that TV Psychic Entertainer Uri Geller was tested by the CIA, due to their suspicions about the Soviet Union utilizing people with ESP in espionage work, documents now reveal that the CIA were indeed legitimately convinced of his psychic abilities. It is even alleged that Geller was utilized in espionage work for the Agency.



The operation was named the “Stargate Project”. In August 1973, Gellar spent a week at the Stanford Research Institute (now known as SRI International) in California, taking part in experimental sessions to ascertain what paranormal and psychic abilities he was capable of demonstrating.

Geller had only previously worked as an entertainer, initially in Israel, his country of birth, and then later in the 1970s in Europe and the United States. His performances would include apparent telepathy and psychokinesis, and he became most famous for bending spoons and keys.


Soviet Race

It was the suspicions of the Soviet’s use of telepathy and psychokinesis that caused the CIA to employ parapsychologists Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff. To undertake the testing of Geller at SRI they spent a week doing period picture drawing experiments. They had Geller sit in an enclosed room, shielded electrically and acoustically, and locked internally and externally, – pictures were drawn randomly, inspired from words selected in a dictionary.


CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed - pass each test
CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed – pass each test


They were taped to the outside of Geller’s enclosure and he was notified by intercom to start drawing what he sensed. He appeared to astonishingly pass each test. This experiment was also enacted from a longer distance of a mile, and while a picture of a devil with a trident had been drawn, Geller only managed to pick up and depict the trident symbol and instead made a lot of biblical images on his psychic interpretation drawing. This still was considered remarkably uncanny to the scientists.

Targ and Puthoff were stunned. Some of the images Geller provided for them that week were highly accurate. One image included a picture of a bunch of grapes that contained 24 individual grapes. This was exactly the amount depicted upon the picture he was asked to psychically visualize. The CIA scientists observed that they could literally come up with no explanation regarding his alleged astonishing paranormal powers.



Geller employed as CIA spy

Overseeing the research of Targ and Puthoff was Dr Christopher C. Green, then known as Kit Green. He was the contract monitor who became known as “Rick” to Geller, and he obtained authorization for $20 million to undertake the Stargate program. Dr. Green was of a more skeptical mind. However, when Geller convinced him of his abilities, he immediately wished to employ him for use by the CIA as a spy.

Originally, another unnamed ally intelligence agency had been concerned about Geller’s abilities to alter the workings of sophisticated electronics, and they believed that Green’s fascination with neurophysiology and electro-physiology could help them to understand the inexplicable phenomena they were witnessing.



CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed - sending messages with his mind
CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed – sending messages with his mind


Geller and Green have never met in person, to this day, and only communicated by telephone. Geller claims the CIA asked him to go on missions in order to attempt to, for example, erase KGB floppy discs, and influence the signing of nuclear deals. This was all just by sending messages with his mind.

However, many skeptics doubt the powers of Geller. These skeptics also believe that the CIA cheated when testing Geller. Most famous of all of his skeptics is James Randi. Randi, himself, is a magician. However, he confesses his acts are mere illusion. He has invested much time and energy into refuting and debunking Geller. Randi re-enacts many of the things that Geller supposedly does through psychic energy.


Skeptics claim hoax

Skeptics even have claimed that the CIA were also in on the hoax. These skeptics claim that the CIA use perception control to cover up the reality of what the government does with military advancements. The idea is that they encourage the public to believe in the paranormal to distract them from reality.

A reality where they are actually creating top secret weapons, aircraft and the like. They see the use of Geller as a puppet in their aims, a perfect distraction to “wow” the public so more subversive activities can take place unnoticed.

Still, Dr. Green maintains his experience of Geller’s powers were entirely legitimate. Green considers himself to be a skeptic and believes other skeptic’s cynicism is due to them not having accurately studied Geller. He believes their cynicism causes them to present a pre-decided narrative and that they choose not question further.

Therefore, they have no desire to change their beliefs regarding his abilities. Green is absolutely certain that there is a difference between what Geller does, and the mere illusions that are a magician’s trickery.



CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed - works in entertainment
CIA Psychic Spy Uri Geller Revealed – works in entertainment

Neither Green nor Geller work for the CIA any longer. Green works as a medical doctor, also becoming the assistant dean at the largest medical college in the US, the Wayne State School of Medicine. Additionally, he also was a Professor of psychiatry and diagnostic radiology working at the Detroit Medical Center.



Geller reluctant spy

Geller became wary of working for the CIA. Particularly as at one stage they asked him to stop the heart of a pig. This was far too unethical for Geller, who is now a practicing vegetarian. Not only did he believe this was cruel to animals. He also was concerned that the CIA would order him to stop the heart of a human being. In other words, Geller felt worried the CIA would make him commit a  psychic assassination.

Geller still works in entertainment. However, he prefers to maintain a celebrity clientele, rather than a government one. Over the decades, that has included John Lennon, who supposedly gave Geller a gift of a metal egg. Lennon claimed that he had received from extraterrestrials. Additionally, Elvis Presley, The Dalai Llama, Jackie O, Rasputin, and his best friend the late Michael Jackson.

Over the decades he has been hosting television programs. Additionally, he makes talk show appearances. Also, he has written 16 books, both non-fiction and fiction.

A BBC documentary was made about his alleged work as a spy, in 2013. Entitled “The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Psychic Spy?” it contained interviews with Green, Puthoff, Targ and even Benjamin Netanyahu. It suggested that not only did he work with the CIA, but also with Mossad, and possibly even as a secret agent for Mexico.


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