OMG! Chinese Teenager Attempts Virginity Sale for iPhone 8!

Teenager from China advertised virginity to pay for an iPhone 8, sale backfires | Image credit: Youtube / 娜娜很硬

OMG! Chinese Teenager Attempts Virginity Sale for iPhone 8!
OMG! Chinese Teenager Attempts Virginity Sale for iPhone 8!

17-year-old Xiao Chen was so desperate to own an iPhone 8 that she found herself fearing for her life when attempting to sell her virginity to make the purchase


Chinese teenager Xiao Chen believed that selling her virginity to pay for the new iPhone 8 would be a simple transaction. However, the 17-year-old ended up screaming and fearing for her life when the sale backfired.


Famous Chinese YouTuber Nana discovered Xiao Chen’s plan when the teen posted her offer to sell her virginity on an online forum. So horrified was Nana, she decided she would intervene to teach the girl, and her viewers, a valuable lesson.






Young Xiao Chen is not the first young girl to offer her virginity for money. However, in similar cases, the young women are in dire poverty. Others wish to take advantage of a market that is willing in some cases to pay exorbitant sums for taking a girls virginity.

However, Nana felt Xiao Chen would be a prime example to viewers. Especially as the teen’s reason to sell her virginity was so shallow. Consequently, Nana set up a frightening situation for Xiao Chen to believe she had fallen victim to, to prove to the girl that she should have more self-worth.


In the viral video, we see Nana’s male actors setting up secret video in a hotel room. One male actor greets Xiao Chen at the door and proceeds to get cozy with her, after giving her a brand-new iPhone 8.


Suddenly, however, Xiao Chen receives the shock of her life when three more half-naked men emerge from the hotel bathroom. While one of the men held a video camera, the other men proceeded to push the 17-year-old on the bed and hold her down. A horrified Xiao Chen is seen struggling and screaming for help.

Nana then quickly emerged from the bathroom. Immediately, she revealed that the whole thing had been a set-up to teach the teenager a valuable lesson. The men leave the room, and Nana stayed with Xiao Chen to counsel her on the horrifying experience.

Some viewers wonder if Nana went too far. Other viewers believe that Nana taught a valuable lesson. They feel that the video can act as a warning to other young girls who may similarly risk their lives. Further viewers think that the set up was entirely fake. Nevertheless, the message in the viral video was strong.

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Image credit: Youtube / 娜娜很硬