OMG! Chilean Navy See UFO!

OMG! Chilean Navy See UFO!

Chilean Navy See UFO
Chilean Navy See UFO

CEFAA, the Chilean government department that investigates UFOs, has been leading an investigation into a mysterious unidentified aerial phenomenon that was witnessed by the Chilean Navy two years ago.


In the first week of January this year they released video footage to the public, and have admitted that their committee, which contains academics, technicians and other military experts, have literally no idea how to explain what was seen. The Director of CEFAA concedes that whilst they don’t know what it was that was witnessed and recorded on film, they have an extremely long list of things that the flying object was most certainly not.

The Navy helicopter that captured the footage on November 11, 2014 contained a Navy Captain and Navy technician who were testing a “Forward Looking Infra Red camera (FLIR)” during their routine daylight hours’ patrol along the coast, to the west of Santiago.

Their helicopter was traveling at just under 250km per hour, it was a clear day and the air temperature was at around 10c. The cloud cover was at about an altitude of around 3kms, and they were flying at an altitude of 1400m.

At exactly 1:52pm, soaring over the ocean on their left hand side, was a strange object that was flying at around the same altitude as their helicopter. The Captain and the technician both witnessed that it was around 60kms away and traveling W/NW. Immediately they zoomed into the the object with the camera device they were testing, hoping that the infra-red would give more information to indicate what exactly they were seeing.


Chilean Navy See UFO - Navy helicopter that captured the footage
Chilean Navy See UFO – Navy helicopter that captured the footage

Unable to identify the aircraft, they radioed two separate radar stations to see if they could detect the object, and whilst the stations easily picked up the navy helicopter on their radars, the mysterious aircraft did not show up.

Air traffic controllers at the radar stations confirmed that there had been no authorized aircraft, military or civilian, permitted to fly within the controlled airspace that this object was flying through.

The helicopter’s own radar system also was not detecting the strange aircraft either, and the pilot could not make contact with it despite trying to utilize every bandwidth on his multi-national radio. The infra-red camera also was not able to lock into the image with it’s radar. But the technician persisted and aimed the camera at the object for nine minutes and twelve seconds – until it disappeared behind clouds.

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