OMG! Cat Survives 40-Minute Wash Inside Washing Machine
OMG! Cat Survives 40-Minute Wash Inside Washing Machine

Norway’s NMBU Veterinary College has confirmed that a cat survived accidentally becoming trapped in a washing machine during a 40-minute wool cycle

A Norwegian family was left feeling a mixture of shock and relief when their beloved family pet cat Zero emerged from their washing machine after it had finished a 40-minute wool program. Allegedly, the family’s 14-year-old son Joakim had been the one to discover the animal’s plight. It was he who set about emptying the machine at the end of its cycle.

Fortunately, the cat climbed out of the machine alive, albeit cold, wet and crumpled. The poor creature apparently vomited and, understandably, was exceedingly dizzy. Joakim also described how the cat was “much thinner than usual.” According to the family, Zero had snuck into the machine at their family home in Røa Oslo, as they were loading it earlier.


Split second distraction could have led to greater tragedy

Allegedly, the family member fulfilling the chore had turned their back for a moment to retrieve some socks, when the cat crawled into the washing machine. However, the concerned family rushed the cat to the Veterinary College immediately after realizing exactly what a horrific experience their precious pet had endured.


Once at the Veterinarian College, Associate Professor Vibeke Rootwelt described her shock that Zero had survived the traumatic ordeal. Rootwelt has worked as a veterinarian for 25 years, and she claims that she had never experienced caring for a cat that had survived a washing machine cycle.


Rootwelt described the cat’s condition when it arrived at the Veterinary College

The cat was very relaxed and cold. In addition, he was very dazed and confused.

She also praised the owners for their quick thinking by bringing Zero immediately to her. Especially, as Rootwelt claims, other cat owners may not actually take their pet to a veterinarian after a similar incident.

Once in Rootwelt’s care, she gave Zero painkillers, intravenous fluids, and oxygen. The unfortunate cat had a frighteningly low body temperature, and she wasn’t sure he would make it. Zero’s owner Annette confirmed that for a couple of days the family was very anxious.



Touch and go for the poor kitty

However, after Zero spent two days in Rootwelt’s charge, she felt the cat was well enough to be sent home. Young Joakim commented on how he still smells of soap. He also remarked how Zero’s hatred of water would probably now be even more immense.

Nevertheless, apart from a likely increased water phobia, Zero is allegedly in good shape.  Apparently, he is even back to his usual cat antics. The family wishes to send a dire warning to other cat owners. Indeed, they stress how it is vital to check to see if a curious pet has climbed into the washing machine. Especially before they close the door and start a wash program.


Not an uncommon phenomenon

A similar incident occurred in Australia on the Gold Coast in November 2017. Currumbin Valley’s Jacqui Wood described how after a split second decision to leave the room to find laundry powder, her cat must have slipped into the machine. Her beloved Manace was found unconscious inside the machine after enduring a 45-minute cold wash cycle. Fortunately, veterinarians were able to revive the cat, who is now in good health.

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