OMG! Can this Raw Vegetable Juice Diet Fast Really Cure Cancer?

OMG! Can this Raw Vegetable Juice Diet Fast Really Cure Cancer?
OMG! Can this Raw Vegetable Juice Diet Fast Really Cure Cancer?

Astonishingly, 45,000 people claim to have had their cancer cured simply by adhering to this simple raw vegetable juice diet fast for only 42 days!


In 1950, a prominent Austrian naturopath claimed to have cured around 2000 people from cancer by getting them to strictly adhere to a raw vegetable juice diet fast he had devised.  Subsequently, news of Rudolf Breuss’s cure spread.


Proponents of alternative medicine claim that since 1986, the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment has cured a further 45,000 cancer patients, as well as other people with diseases that doctors had deemed incurable. Allegedly, Breuss produced countless reams of correspondence from cured cancer patients as proof that he held the secret to eradicating the deadly disease. Thus far, no scientific evidence exists to back up this seemingly miraculous cure.


How does the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment work?

Supposedly, Breuss alleged that cancer cells needed solid food to survive. Furthermore, he claimed, “the only patients who died were those who were given something to eat.” It was this conclusion that convinced him that a raw vegetable juice diet fasts would be the cure for cancer. Breuss went so far as to say that this kind of protein free diet was the equivalent of “surgery without a knife.” Again, Bruess provides no peer reviewed studies to back any of these claims up. But you could always have faith and accept his anecdotal evidence at face value.


How does the diet work?

According to Breuss, a cancer patient needs to follow his strictly prescribed regimen for 42 days. Breuss explained that the metabolism of cancer cells works differently to healthy cells. Apparently, the diet will starve the cancer cells to death, while not harming the healthy cells.

For the entire 42 day fast period, the cancer patient must consume only raw juices and teas from organically sourced vegetables. Breuss claims that it is imperative the patient makes sure that no trace of solid is found within the resulting concoction.

Raw organic vegetables are considered essential as they contain living enzymes and antioxidants, and that defend against aggressive toxins found in our everyday modern environment.


What was Bruess’s magical cancer curing recipe?

Bruess meticulously pondered over the nutritive content of many vegetables. Following this, he calculated what he believed to be the precise ratios and portions of raw organic vegetables that the patient needed to juice. In addition to his miraculous concoction, Bruess also recommended herb teas to compliment the effectiveness.

Here Bruess’s suggested recipe for the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment:

  • 1 beetroot
  • 1 celery stick
  • 1 radish
  • 1 carrot
  • ½ potato

Method: Put all the above ingredients into a juicer and extract the juice.

The patient must cease the diet immediately after 42 days. Following this, alternative medicine aficionados recommend the cancer patient dose up on potent vitamin supplements.

Additionally, they also suggest that carers be available around the clock to support the patient. Obviously, this is because the purely fluid diet weakens the patient’s body.