OMG! Bodies of Hundreds of Children Discovered in Scottish Mass Grave

The Catholic church attempt to justify dumping the bodies of 400 innocent children into an unmarked mass grave

OMG! Bodies of Hundreds of Children Discovered in Scottish Mass Grave
OMG! Bodies of Hundreds of Children Discovered in Scottish Mass Grave

A report came to light at the beginning of September revealing that the Catholic church had dumped the bodies of around 400 young children into an unmarked grave

An investigation has exposed how hundreds of children died during their time at a notorious Scottish orphanage and were buried in an unmarked mass grave. The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul ran Smyllum Park Orphanage in Lanark Scotland between 1864 and 1981. Allegedly, one child died every month, while in their care; their innocent tiny body dumped in a mass grave and forgotten for decades.

For over a century, the Sisters allegedly tortured and abused around 11,600 innocent children in their care. Horrifically, if any one of these children passed away, the nuns deemed their lives worthless. So worthless, that they dumped their bodies in an unmarked mass grave in St Mary’s Cemetery. Brazenly, nearby well-kept graves contain the bodies of the very nuns who elicited abhorrent abuse upon the children.


Pandora’s box of evil

Former Smyllum residents, Jim Kane and Frank Docherty first stumbled across the location of the mass grave in 2003 while carrying out investigations of the abuse that they and so many others had suffered. Sadly, both Kane and Docherty passed away at the beginning of 2017. However, their discovery has opened up a Pandora’s box that the Catholic church is still trying to keep closed.

Docherty and Kane’s growing campaign began to apply pressure on the Daughters of Charity. However, initially, they only suggested that they had buried only 120 children in the unmarked grave. However, the men were not convinced. Sadly, both went to their graves without having their instincts regarding the true number acknowledged.

However, the Sunday Post and File on 4 undertook more extensive investigations which vindicated Docherty and Kane’s fears over the actual number. Investigator Janet Bishop, from the Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers In Archives, analyzed the orphanage’s records on behalf of the media outlets. After analyzing 15,000 official documents, she discovered the horrific truth. Macabrely, the nuns had buried over 400 children in that unmarked mass grave. According to the death records, the children died mostly of natural causes. However, some death causes were highly suspicious.


The website for the UK chapter of the Daughters of Charity contains a quote from St Vincent de Paul: “Ten times a day you will go to visit a person in need and ten times a day you will find God there.

Sadly, one wonders why the Daughters of Charity could not extend this belief to the innocent 11,600 needy children in their care? Unless these nuns believe that when one meets God, they should beat Him and spoon feed Him vomit? Do these nuns believe that the apostles should have buried and forgotten their beloved Jesus in an unmarked mass grave? It apparently seems to be the case.

If God is the only judge, the Daughters of Charity appear to believe they are entitled to override His judgment about their actions. To this day, the nuns feign apologies; empty words without meaning or healing for the pain and suffering inflicted at their hands. It is not the first time that the Catholic church has rushed to defend its clergy and the heinous actions they have committed against the vulnerable and innocent.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry made the first call for evidence on the 23rd of March 2016. Since then, many victims from the Smyllum orphanage have come forward. They are hoping the inquiry will validate and publicly recognize their experiences. Unfortunately, the nuns at the center of the controversy refuse to comment on their side of the story. However, the Inquiry appears to be moving in a direction that will be entirely compassionate to their victims.


Families of the victims have told of the nightmare of not knowing the burial location of loved ones for many decades.

Eddie McColl is now 73. His mother, widowed and impoverished, sent him and his four brothers to Smyllum. He describes the experience in one word: Hell. For decades he has never known what became of his young brother Francis’s body. According to records, he passed away from a “left extra plural hemorrhage” in 1961. McColl has never understood why the Daughters of Charity could never disclose the location of his brothers grave. Now he feels devastated at the nun’s lack of remorse over treating his young brother’s life so disrespectfully.

McColl is not the only one with grief from both the trauma of enduring the orphanage and also having a loved one seemingly disappear into thin air. Angela McFarlane’s aunt supposedly died because she was “too beautiful.” The location of her burial place was unknown until now.

Sammy Carr supposedly died of a brain tumor when he was just six years old. The nuns denied eyewitness reports about the truth. These eyewitnesses claim to have seen a Sister kick the small child in the back and the head. The location of his body post-mortem remained a mystery for 50 years.

All we can hope is that the time of retribution for these horrendous crimes against innocent children has finally arrived.


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