OMG! Anonymous Send Demands to Donald Trump

Anonymous Send Demands to Donald Trump
Anonymous Send Demands to Donald Trump

Elusive members tied to the resistance group Anonymous have released a video of demands to the President of the United States, Donald Trump


Video emerged just a little over a month ago addressed to Trump from the Anonymous Official YouTube channel. The footage shows an elusive representative of the internet resistance movement demanding POTUS live up to his election promises.

Many followers of the Anonymous Movement are surprised that members of the anti-establishment resistance movement would come out in support of a member of the Government. However, others have defended their choice claiming that many members of Anonymous see Trump as an anti-establishment leader.

During the message, the masked messenger addresses the citizens of the United States, and specifically Trump. He immediately reminds Trump of his election promises. Especially those promises regarding immigration, tax reform, and the prevention of terrorist attacks on American soil.

Furthermore, he explicitly blames Islamic supremacists and the Muslim Brotherhood. Openly, he points the finger at this as being the source of problems in Europe. Nevertheless, he is careful not to specifically blame Muslims or Islam.

The Anonymous representative then beseeches Trump to concentrate on domestic issues and be relentless in pursuing his original agenda. He implores Trump to hire more appropriate politicians who are on the same page as him. Next, he assures POTUS that he will hear from Anonymous regularly on this issue. Ultimately, he warns that Trump must work to remove those seeking to undermine the status quo in America.

This way the American people will remember him as the President who did everything in his power to protect them from the horrors of terrorism currently devastating Europe and the UK.




Who is Anonymous?

It is complicated for anyone to trace the source of the video, due to the nature of the Anonymous Movement. Anonymous evolved in order to create an “internet based super-consciousness.” Initially, the movement began with the intention to fight for freedom of information and expression. As a result, there is no leader, agenda, rules, or regulations. Anyone can declare themselves as a member of Anonymous.

An original Anonymous member, a European called Discordian, explained to Vice what Anonymous initially stood for. According to him, Anonymous was “sticking it up to the powerful people, the governments, and the security contractors.” He feels that any members who try to work with governments are doing something hazardous.

This is because he believes it could backfire dramatically. Discordian then goes as far as claiming that there is a kind of “civil war” occurring within the Anonymous Movement. He feels that the core drive behind Anonymous is to bring down censorship. In this way, lack of censorship exposes the reality of the darkness in the world, which can then be opposed.