OMG! Did Adolf Hitler Fake His Suicide?

OMG! Did Adolf Hitler Fake His Suicide?
OMG! Did Adolf Hitler Fake His Suicide?

Conspiracy theorists suggest that Adolf Hitler escaped at the end of the war, conspiring to fake his suicide in order to buy time to run into hiding. However, historians disagree, alleging that there is substantial evidence available that proves he is dead.


Why are some people so concerned about whether or not Adolf Hitler faked his suicide to escape, even now in 2017? After all, this vile and evil man would clearly be dead by now. Nevertheless, ever since the global press announced his death, only hours after the discovery of his alleged charred remains, conspiracy theories began to evolve that doubted the remains were his, and that of his wife, Eva Braun.




Desire for justice

Certainly, the western world wanted to avenge the mass genocide that this evil dictator had instigated. That he should slip away in a simple suicide felt unfair. Surely Hitler deserved to suffer ten times worse than all of his victims? Therefore, many people hoped he would be found and brought to justice.

The war finally came to an end on 30 April 1945. It had been the most horrific war the world had ever seen. Allegedly, Hitler sought to escape retribution the cowardly way by taking his own life. He and his wife shut themselves in their bunker and supposedly took cyanide capsules. Additionally, Hitler is said to have shot himself in the head.

Hitler had left instructions about how he wanted his and Braun’s bodies disposed of. The Nazis wrapped their bodies in blankets, doused them in petrol and burned them. According to witnesses, Hitler’s right-hand men gave the infamous Nazi salute while they watched his corpse incinerate.

When the Soviet’s retrieved Hitler’s remains, they set about disposing of them as disrespectfully as possible. According to those involved, his ashes were ground and disposed of in an unnamed forest location. Unnamed so to ensure that no shrine could ever be built to this vile and bloodthirsty dictator.


Russian autopsy concurs with dental records

However, at some point, the Russians decided to retain and hide parts of Hitler’s skull, as well as detailed dental records held within the Russian autopsy report. The skull showed a bullet entry wound. And after in-depth analysis and interrogation of Hitler’s dentists, seemingly undeniable evidence existed proving that Hitler indeed had died.

Regardless of this evidence, many individuals persist in the belief that Hitler escaped. Films and books are filled with anecdotal evidence and testimonies that attempt to prove he escaped his deserved retribution.  Many media outlets still print news stories with grainy photos suggesting that this is undoubtedly proof. Proof that the evilest man in modern history spent his final years brazently enjoying a life he himself denied to millions of others.

Indeed, the FBI began receiving reports that Hitler had survived, and escaped, very soon after his death was announced. When these FBI files would ultimately become declassified, the contents revealed how people had claimed to spot him in America, Argentina and around Europe. Surely he couldn’t be in all those same places at once?


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