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These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst
These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst

Some celebrities are the absolute worst, and we can’t work out how they deserve their fame!


What is it about the worst celebrities that cause us to keep wanting to know more about them? Is it the attraction of watching a perpetual train wreck in motion?

Tantrums, scandals and first world problems make these celebrities the most embarrassing humans on the face of the planet! We are going to list for you the worst celebrities of modern times. The ones we love to hate!


OMG! These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst
OMG! These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst


1. Justin Bieber

This stuck up little man, Justin Bieber, just won’t go away. His fans must have Stockholm syndrome. There have been numerous incidences of his cruelty towards them. Canadians everywhere are embarrassed to admit he is from there!

He spends most of his life high on prescription drugs and weed. His drink of choice is purple drank, which has killed famous rap singer in the past. The idiot even drag races his expensive cars under the influence! And the pilots of his private jet had to wear oxygen masks once when the plane filled up with so much marijuana smoke.

Bieber has also had run-ins with the police on occasion. He and a friend once incurred a $20,000 bill to foot the damages they did to a neighbor’s home.  They threw eggs and police caught them on security cameras showing no remorse, laughing like fools. On another occasion, Bieber received charges for assaulting his limo driver.




2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian became famous for nothing. The woman was just lucky enough to be spawned by wealthy parents, who decided to exploit the family in a reality TV show. As a result, Kardashian claims she is a successful business woman. But we all know it’s not what you know, but who you know!

You could put a picture of Kardashian in the dictionary as being the definition of shallow. There is no substance to the woman. She gives the public nothing more than the depth of her skin. These kinds of values are what are making the world such a dull and meaningless place.

She is also a poor role model for young girls. Kardashian presents a message that says all that matters in a woman is how she looks. Her very existence implies that the mind of a woman is irrelevant and unnecessary. She has never uttered a single profound word in her life. Not one.




OMG! These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst
OMG! These 5 Celebrities are the Absolute Worst

3. Kanye West

Not unlike his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is utterly ridiculous. Another human being with not a single profound word to say. He is narcissism personified. And this world absolutely does not need any more narcissists!

Narcissists are charming, and the can put on a good show. So maybe this is why he can perpetuate his celebrity. However, off stage, he is an outright idiot. He has delusions of grandeur. Sometimes the things that come out of his mouth just simply make no sense. Like that time he claimed he was the “voice of this generation”. Absolutely not.

West also has a habit of insulting real musical artists and upstaging other ones. He notoriously claimed that musical genius Beck should hand his award to Beyonce. Beyonce – an artist who does little more than shake her ass for a living.




4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is categorically out of touch with the real world. She has lived in the land of celebrities since her birth, and that isn’t her fault. But what she could stop doing is trying to assume she can relate to the rest of us.

Everything about her is pretentious. Maybe we could forgive her for merely being naive? However, she can come across as patronizing in her attitude. She always lists items for sale on her website GOOP as “must have”. But these items are always in a price range that only the wealthiest celebs can afford!

Paltrow even has the audacity to assume she can relate to us regular common folk. On a talk show last year she claimed that she wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Talk show hostess Wendy Williams was quick to remind her that she was born to wealthy Hollywood royalty, and attended a private high school.




5. Katherine Heigl

Could Katherine Heigl be any further up her own backside? Who does she really think she is? Well, she is a snob for one thing. And arrogant to boot. She makes other Hollywood diva’s look easy going and modest.

She also insults those who have created her fame. Heigl claimed she didn’t want an Emmy for her role in Gray’s Anatomy as the scripts weren’t good enough in her opinion. She also demands extremely high paychecks. And considering no one wants to employ her anymore, she is clearly deluded.

Insulting her colleagues is also a favorite past time of hers. As a result, producers don’t want to work with her, even if they think she would be perfect for the role. She appears to have shot herself in the foot with her career!

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