OMG! More Than 44 Million Americans Use Side Jobs to Pay Their Bills

OMG! More Than 44 Million Americans Use Side Jobs to Pay Their Bills
OMG! More Than 44 Million Americans Use Side Jobs to Pay Their Bills

Allegedly more than 44 million Americans are going out in the workforce and working second jobs

People today need to pay their bills, buy groceries and take care of their pets. Who says completing a degree from an accredited University guarantees you great jobs or career? Forty-four million people need supplemental income.

Many American white-collar workers these days are struggling just to make ends-meat. It’s not a surprise that following completion of a four-year degree there may be student loans to pay.


That is only one extra expense that could take you years, even decades to pay back.

What about the day to day expenses of groceries, utility bills, apartments rental fees or mortgage payments? All these costs add up. On top of that, you might have children to support. Everyone wants to be able to prepare their kids for every kind of activity that will not only keep them busy but edify their education with more skills in their skill set.

With all this demand and pressure, people are turning to second jobs to fortify their incomes. This can be tricky though because the second job must only supplement the first at the same time, not interfere with the fundamental source of income.

Some people opt for a job that will fill in the hours they have available. After putting in a full day work at their main steady job, the second job must be something reasonably simple. Other people decide to make their second job an opportunity to explore another field they may have been interested in but never pursued.



Trying their hand at something new might make moonlighting more interesting.

However, for most who need to work extra, the strain is great. Working over time takes its toll. Consequently, less time for relaxation, play or rest can negatively influence physical health and mental stress.

According to Bankrate, a consumer financial service, forty-four million Americans supplement their incomes with second jobs. Based in New York, Bankrate is one of the fastest growing media companies.

It’s the younger millennials who are working more. Their goal is not to make more money for disposable income. Rather the extra income is to pay off debt accumulated from student loans and other loans.


This trend of taking on a second job is becoming a regular way of life for these millennials.

These young adults are dedicated to paying off their debt and maintaining a way of life for themselves, their pets and all their tech toys. They must support themselves somehow.

Waitressing, bistro or cafe workers, secretarial work, bar tenders, telemarketing, switchboard operator are all part time jobs you won’t have to think about after closing time. Most people focus the main bulk of their concentration at their primary day jobs. This leaves little leftover for moonlighting.


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