Nude Project, To Expand Fashion Palette and Racial Awareness

Nude Project, To Expand Fashion Palette and Racial Awareness
Nude Project, To Expand Fashion Palette and Racial Awareness

Worlds’ first all-inclusive true palette introduced.

Who would think fashion industry innovators would come from hosiery and want to expand our color palette? Usually, women’s hosiery and tights can be found under women’s accessories. Why would accessories be revolutionary imposing new standards, expectations and possibilities throughout the entire fashion enterprise?



Bodywear brand, Heist, based out of a studio in North London is recreating a standard for the entire fashion business. Formally dedicated to designing quality for its clients, Heist is doing research where no one ever thought to look.

Not only taking the time to study their market, but Heist has also gone above and beyond. Firstly, studying women trying to decipher their issues with hosiery was a priority. Working with sixty-seven diverse women from all over the world in the span of a year, Heist worked out problems such as digging rolling waistbands and itchy legs. The product resulting from this study produced a waistband that moves with you.


Redefining feel, fit, and wear

Waistbands come waist or hip height. Not only that, the band moves with you. When you bend, the waistband won’t roll or cut your skin. Remarkably, these pairs of hose are uncompromisingly comfortable. Next, Heist brand worked on the limited range of fabrics available for their tights and hose. Additionally, they wanted to create a product that felt like a second skin.  According to reviews, they are successful.


Wondering how to create a Nude? Simply take a selfie, pick your colour and casually redefine the fashion industry at ?‬

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Nude Palette

Starting with a range of only seven shades of nude, Heist’s innovative designers focused on expanding the nude color palette. It didn’t make sense to have only seven shades of nudes while at the cosmetic counter, more than 50 shades of foundation can be found. It’s even possible to test the shades against your skin and create custom shades.

That’s exactly what the Nude Project is all about. Until now, the fashion world hasn’t allowed for the current diversity and range of skin tones. The project encourages women to upload their skin tones with a picture for analyzing and creating a more varying palette.

This palette’s intended use is to help every woman find her perfect match or second skin. However, the goal does not stop there. This research will be open to the entire fashion world to encourage other brands. Heist wants to widen every product and its range. Effectually, accurately reflecting an honest and al-inclusive palette.


Not just accessories

The palette created by every woman who participates in the study will launch innovative clothing, lingerie, shoes, and a million other fashion articles. Furthermore, women of all shapes, colors, and sizes will receive validation from the industry that has perpetually exploited them.

No more will division exist based on the color nude. Currently nude will include every range of brown, red and white skin tones. Inclusion will do us good in the world today. When someone asks what color you are, you can answer “Nude“.



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