Anecdotal speculation about the recent Las Vegas massacre is set to inflate again after the emergence of a video showing a swat team swiftly walking with a couple of men in plain clothing through the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas


This new video really does not reveal anything of any note, and anecdotal speculation that one can derive from it would really do nothing to further understanding about the Las Vegas shooting. The website on which the video emerged, called The Red Elephant is not backward in coming forwards about its political biases. Indeed, the leading questions the author of the article, Vincent James ponders, all suggest hypotheticals that only further those political biases.




A swat team moves swiftly through the Tropicana casino, demanding that bystanders lift their hands. The person recording the video is standing on a balcony of some description overlooking the casino floor below. The plainly clothed gentlemen walking at the rear of the swat team do not look like the officers are escorting them. They look like they are an integral part of the group.


Who are these plain-clothed men in the video?

While we don’t know who they are, it is not unlikely that they are merely plain clothed officers. One is in a casual t-shirt and shorts. He appears to be carrying a bag and a walkie-talkie of some description. The other gentleman is wearing a grey suit. Also, they are not walking through the Mandalay, but an entirely different casino.




However, The Red Elephant alludes to many conspiracy theories that they do not ground on any tangible facts. For instance, the article wonders briefly if it could be Stephen Paddock’s brother Eric. But then it does appear to dismiss this idea. But inviting people to speculate, nonetheless, is a fruitless activity in the ultimate scheme of things. It is fruitless when Liberals speculate, just as much as it is fruitless when Conservatives speculate.



The recent Las Vegas massacre has too many unknown factors associated with it

Everyone has a theory, and everyone is suspicious because humanity struggles with a lack of answers. Maybe one day the human race will realize that inadequate answers are just the reality of this world we live in. And likely, it will always remain that way.


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Image credit: Youtube