New Movie Starring Edna Mode, “E”, Fabulous Dahling (Video)


Edna Mode made her debut performance in The Incredibles


Edna Mode will have her very own prequel, No Capes, which is currently under construction. No Capes, the movie starring “E” is still a work in progress according to Incredibles creator. Additionally, the much anticipated sequel, The Incredibles2, picks up where the original movie left off. The new release is in 2018.

Furthermore, the character of Edna Mode was modeled after a real-life costume designer, Edith Head. Head began her career in the 1920s.

As the predominant costume designer of the golden age in Hollywood, Head earned eight Academy Awards and received more than 30 nominations for her costume designs. Her spectacles mirror Edna Modes’ as does her personality, hair style, and modesty.

Edna Mode also resembles designer Una Jones, who the producer, Brad Bird is friends with in real-life. The personality, physical features and look of the short in stature character were exemplified.


Creator overflowing with ideas

American producer, director, screenwriter, animator and occasional voice actor, Brad Bird has a long list of awards and productions under his belt. It is no small feat to accomplish the numerous feature productions on his list of achievements. However, after a long-awaited return from The Incredibles, Bird confirmed his spin off movie.

No Capes will tell the background story of our heroine and fashion designer Edna Mode. Her personality is energetic, vibrant and compelling. Character inspiration stemmed from an influx of extra ideas while working on The Incredibles animation feature film.

Bird decided to pursue the fascination with the double life this high-end fashion designer for which she is internationally renowned. The voice, inflections, articulations, and animation jump out so brilliantly. She is a character who stands alone.



The Edna Mode story

Bird’s prequel tells the story of a young fashion student in Milan, Edna Mode. Edna’s best friend Gertie, reveals she is a superhero. During their escapades defending the world, Edna must prepare for her first ever fashion show.

Although focus remains on The Incredibles2 sequel, Edna Mode has made a huge impact in the fashion industry. A list of designers and models pay tribute to her in a movie trailer marketing the new prequel.

  • Zac Posen
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Heidi Klum
  • Nina Garcia
  • Winnah Agwabi
  • Leonah James
  • Windy Aulia
  • Kate Young
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Andre Leon Talley

They are all crazy about Edna Mode, her fashions, and her winning character.

No Capes will be released in 2017.