New Japanese Ice Cream That Won’t Melt

Cool New Japanese No Melt Ice Cream

Cool New Japanese No Melt Ice Cream

Japanese pastry chef accidentally discovered no melt ice cream.

A pastry chef was handed a seemingly insignificant task. He was told to make use of strawberries left over from the earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Japanese strawberry farmers needed to sell their produce, but the fruit was not attractively shaped. To disperse the crop, a chef was hired to do something creative and tasty. By accident, the chef discovered a chemical reaction between the poly-phenol liquid from strawberries and cream.

Polyphenol liquid retains properties that make water and oil mix. The pastry chef put the liquid with cream and found the cream didn’t lose it’s shaping nor cool in temperature. In fact, instantaneously the cream solidified.


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Researchers at Biotherapy Development Research Center in Japan decided to study the phenomena further, and a new Popsicle was born.

Tests deciphering how long the Popsicles can keep their shape have been conducted. More than three hours have noted minimal changes in shape. Hair dryers have been tried to melt the dessert, and still, it holds.

Because the Popsicle or ice cream consists of organic ingredients, the question of health is not a concern. Moreover, the taste of the ice cream has not changed. Kanazawa ice cream and Popsicles are as tasty as the real thing and come in all the flavors.

The new dessert blasts stores since April. The Japanese daily newspaper reports the invention and makes an announcement all over the world. Who doesn’t want the ice cream to melt? Most people want it long enough that they can leisurely enjoy it without gulping it down in a hurry.


Not surprisingly, some of the man’s best discoveries have happened by accident.

An accidental discovery by American engineer Percy Spencer led to a modern invention. He was walking one day in front of a magnetron used to generate microwaves and noticed the chocolate bar in his pocket melting. He conducted a few experiments, and voila, he successfully invented the first microwave oven.

Another example is pharmacist John Pemberton. He was working on a cure for headaches. Pemberton took coca leaves and cola nuts for testing. In the lab, his assistant accidentally mixed both ingredients with carbonated water and the first Coke was born.

Who will enjoy the new no melt ice cream more, children or adults? Certainly, every parent can now have the pleasure of letting their little one enjoy the tasty treat without worry of sticky hands and stained clothes. Wiping faces and hands will soon be a thing of the past.


Ice cream lovers everywhere say thank you for the opportunity to a clean, delicious treat without the worry it will disappear in seconds.

Meanwhile, we can all be confident that the creamy delight has a wide range of preventative associations. The chemical found in strawberries can improve chronic degenerative diseases. It is also an anti inflammatory. The antioxidant properties found in polyphenols also reveals improvement in plasma lipid profile. This nutritive source supports cardiovascular health and improves circulation,

Polyphenols take part in the manufacture of cosmetics. Additionally, they aid in anti-obesity and insulin sensitivities. Overall consumption of berries will improve health and contributes to weight control and fight inflammatory diseases. It also helps to fight off type 2 diabetes.

Let’s give a proud welcome to a neat, healthy, desert we can enjoy without any guilt whatsoever. Just hope the strawberries don’t contain contaminated radiation.


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