OMG! NASA Entrepreneur Convinced Aliens Walk the Earth

NASA Entrepreneur Convinced Aliens Walk the Earth
NASA Entrepreneur Convinced Aliens Walk the Earth

NASA Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow is utterly convinced that aliens have an “existing presence” amongst humans on Earth.


Bigelow revealed his belief in earth dwelling extraterrestrials in an interview on the TV program 60 Minutes in late May. When the journalist pressed him by asking where exactly might these aliens be found, he replied: “under our noses.

NASA has been working closely with the billionaire entrepreneur and aerospace engineer for a long time now. His company, Bigelow Aerospace, has been constructing “Expandable Bigelow Advanced Station Enhancement (XBASE)” space habitats. NASA are using them on the International Space Station.

Understandably, it came as a great shock to many viewers of 60 Minutes, that someone who works with NASA would admit to a sincere belief that extraterrestrial beings walk amongst us on earth. When pressed for proof, Bigelow declined to offer any evidence.


Lack of evidence

Many Ufologists have welcomed the admission by Bigelow. They see his position in the aerospace industry as giving him much credibility in his claims. Nevertheless, skeptics have rushed forward to discount his allegations. They believe that until there is extraordinary evidence for these extraordinary claims, then we must not rush to trust Bigelow’s anecdotal beliefs.

Indeed, many reputable scientists admit that statistically, it is likely extraterrestrials exist “out there.” Nevertheless, they are still reluctant to assume it is possible that they are visiting us on earth. A senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, is one such skeptic of Bigelow. Even though he doesn’t deny the possibility that alien life likely exists elsewhere in the universe, and even potentially in our solar system, he emphasizes that there has been no evidence produced that they exist here on earth.

Even Stephen Hawking, one of the most famous cosmologists of our time believes in aliens. In fact, he even believes such extraterrestrials would be hostile and deadly towards humans. Nevertheless, he doesn’t believe we will make contact at any point soon. Indeed, it would be quite arrogant, within such an enormous universe, for humanity to believe that we are the only lifeforms.


ET earth visitations

So what makes so many people, including many prominent celebrities, such as Tom Delonge for example, believe that aliens visit us in their UFOs, and potentially even live amongst us? There are hundreds of people with anecdotal tales of visitations and visions of lights in the sky. Such stories are shared from as far away as Tasmania, on the other side of the world in Chile, Russia, and of course throughout the USA.

Experts, however, are always able to provide many rational explanations for any photographic or video evidence that witnesses produce. And as Shostak went on to say, there has been no substantial extraterrestrial event. Such an event would need to convince large groups simultaneously. Additionally, there has been nothing tangible for scientists to work with and study.

Nevertheless, NASA doesn’t seem bothered by Bigelow’s unsubstantiated claims. Just last year NASA successfully deployed Bigelow Aerospace creation BEAM. Astronauts are testing the expandable module aboard the ISS to demonstrate it’s durability in space. If Bigelow’s module can be proven successful, his company will further liaise with NASA to potentially create similar inflatable structures for use on the Moon, and even Mars.