Naperville Kid Scared to His Death by School Threat

Teen scared to his death by school authorities

Naperville Kid Scared to His Death by School Threat
Naperville Kid Scared to His Death by School Threat

Interrogation scares teen to his death

Corey Walgren was a typical 16-Year-old adolescent. Energetic and smart, he inspired within his friends and all who knew him a sense of belonging and conscientiousness. Corey was a leader and every activity he participated in; he did with courage, conviction, and honesty.

Corey worked hard to maintain a solid grade point average so he could attend a University of his choice. He also bolstered camaraderie among hockey teammates, fishing club members, other students, and siblings. His bright future ended abruptly, and his parents are questioning the authorities who scared their son to his death.


The incident that was the cause of this teens young life began with the internet

First Corey exchanged pictures with a female friend, and then they recorded a sexual encounter. Although the recording was mainly audio, police and school personnel interrogated the teen about his release of the recounting on social media.

No doubt Corey felt embarrassed and cornered by the harassment. However, the school and police made it clear that criminal charges over the incident would require him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. This scared the adolescent so deeply; he couldn’t see beyond. His parents are outraged that this tragedy happened and they realize it could have been anyone’s child.

Corey was a conscientious person. He had a clear understanding of the seriousness of the situation. At that moment, his life as he imagined it was over. He didn’t know police had no intention of pressing charges. How could he know?




He had just been labeled a sex offender

His reaction is an example that children need to have an adult by their side during an incident such as this one. A guardian can see the bigger picture. It is their job to help their child understand. Yes, a mistake was made, but it’s not the end of his life.

Maureen Walgren feels this, and she is heartbroken. A mother’s opportunity to help her son was unintentionally kept from her. Undoubtedly, she will forever live with reality and the fact that her son is gone and for no good reason.

After the interrogation, Corey sat waiting for his mother to arrive at school. School authorities did notify her, but not before they began their interview with Corey. They could have waited until she was there to talk to him.


The adolescent wandered off from school grounds to a parking facility where he climbed to a ledge

Moments later a medical professional found Corey on the ground. His shallow breathing on route to the hospital ended upon arrival. Declaration of his death occurred three hours after being called into Dean’s office at school.

It’s important to note, in every disciplinary situation no matter what the age, at work or school, authorities need to know exactly with whom and what they are dealing. A normal sex offender may be discouraged from this type of warning. However, a teen who was neither a criminal nor contemplates criminal activities does not deserve such a severe reprimand.

Indeed, Corey was smart. He understood he had made a bad choice. But he was too young to understand he could recover from it. If a parent or guardian had been by his side, he would have.


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