Nanoparticles Plus Common Spices Equals Cancer Cure

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Longest Pedestrian Bridge Breaks Guinness World Record

Nanoparticles in combination with certain spices can enhance cancer fighting properties.

Because cancer cells are so aggressive in their multiplication and dispersion, fighting them might seem impossible. Even though the medical industry is ripe with negative attitudes toward nutrition and the healing properties of nature’s spices, proof exists indicating the opposite of what they want us to believe. In this particular study, Neuroblastoma was the type of cancer tested.


Neuroblastoma attacks nerve cells.

Particularly immature nerve cells still in the stage of development. These types of cells are usually found in embryos and fetus. Neuroblastoma cancer most often presents itself in infants. Children over ten years old are rarely targets.

According to the study, nanoparticles covered with curcumin display destructive properties toward tumor cells.  The study focuses on how neuroblastoma. However, it’s positive that the same results would occur in other types of cancer if not all.


Curcumin is the active chemical in Tumeric.

Tumeric grows in India and southeast Asia. This spice is way up high on the list of medicinal herbs. This powerful powder addresses many types of illnesses, cancer is only one of them. It has a ranking higher than many pharmaceutical and prescription drugs. The next most popular medicinal herbs include garlic, cinnamon, ginseng, and ginger.

Cancer cells have receptors to communicate with each other so they can multiply and travel throughout our bodies causing damage and killing good healthy cells.


In a nutshell that is the goal of cancer cells.

The receptors on these cells have encoded gene proteins that look for a type of sugar to help them replicate. Therefore, the higher the ecosystem is of sugar, the lower it will be off oxygen. Oxygen prohibits the cancer cells from concentrated replication.

Nanoparticles possess a uniformity and conduct oxygen and other particles desirable in science and biology. When in combination with a plant spice, the effects are positive indeed. Because of their size, they can reach places in the body, brain and other membrane barriers conventional drugs can’t.

Researchers claim they have looked at the nanoparticles and their use in targeting tumors in the brain and possibly other serious organs.

Plant spices, of course, contain more oxygen, so already the side effects from cancer treatment will be positive. Add those oxygen filled spices to the nanoparticles which distribute cancer-fighting chemical, Curcumin, and you have a winning cancer treatment.

Traditional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and other synthetic drugs which do not contain oxygen, not only encourage more protein receptor communication but increase the number of cancer cells by creating an environment conducive to more multiplication. Thus the spreading of carcenoma throughout the body increases.


Nature is a gift

Unlike traditional treatments, nature offers a natural solution that will harvest an ecosystem full of oxygen thus reducing the disease protein receptors.

The American Cancer Society and doctors recommend for stage three and stage four cancer, a treatment that includes targeting the whole body. Thus, chemotherapy is prescribed.


They already know it won’t cure cancer.

Simultaneously, doctors, and drug companies know traditional prescriptions will cultivate a happy environment for cancer cell multiplication while inducing killer side effects. These side effects will reduce oxygen in the blood and cause even more damage to other organs and tissue.

Nanoparticles covered with a natural medicinal herb will be the go to treatment for many illnesses in years to come.