Naked Flight Attendant – Genius Ad Sensation

Naked Flight Attendant - Genius Ad Sensation
Naked Flight Attendant - Genius Ad Sensation

Travel Company in Kazakhstan releases controversial naked flight attendant ad


First, you see just a face with pursed lips; then the camera focuses on the entire head and neck. Women talking about the travel company wink and stand seductively while a banner spans the chest of each one of the completely naked women. They take their little hats off and cover the space between their legs.

The artistic design and direction of the ad have succinct focus on the lower body of the women standing there speaking in seductive tones. It’s impossible to take your eyes off the intended focus area. The design is intended to keep your eyes from moving.

The travel company Chocotravel, insists no offense was intended with their newly released advertisement. The video clip is being viewed all over YouTube and Facebook. Chocotravel accomplished their goal. Now everyone knows their name.



However, there is not much other information about the company in English

Indeed this video will continue to gain interest, but as for increasing business, the ads don’t sell much besides thirty seconds of pretty faces and stirring the sexual imagination.

In response to the ad being misogynistic, the company releases a follow-up video featuring naked men with the same script and body positioning. The Ticketing service director for Chocotravel, Nkiolay Mazensey agrees the video clips were daring and brazen. He also claims they meant no offense. Additionally, he insists the video doesn’t reveal anything more than you might see on a beach or poolside.

Apparently, the message to respect passengers, airline crews, and other professional people while traveling, seems to get lost with Chocotravel. Their main concern is creating a name for themselves. Nevertheless, their name will not bring up confidence in travel. Rather, association with sex and selling nudity will be their claim.





Chocotravel is one of the branches of a larger umbrella company, Chocofamily

Although Nurken Rzaliyev works at Chocofamily, he rejects any sexist criticism about the advertisement. Divided opinions flooded his Facebook page. Some people even wish to encourage the company and have no problem with the nude ad.

Evidently, the truth came out with Rzaliyev. Chocotravel is having a problem selling tickets. Their intention is to increase market awareness and sales. But people complain the prices for tickets are too high.

Public relations consultant, Marat Raimkhanov, called for a boycott of Choco companies. She insists this nudity is a desperate attempt to attract attention. Even though it does, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Who wouldn’t be surprised if passengers arrived at the airline with their Chocotravel tickets in the nude? Hey, if you’re offering service in the nude, why not play along. Everyone wants a part of this naked action.